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Air-Craft Environmental Systems, Rochester NY, USA
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Short Business Description: When you need any type of environmental chamber, contact ACES first. We provide lease solutions for altitude and space simulations, humidity and temperature cycling and exposure, thermal shock testing and much more. From walk in units to bench top models, we have it all. With nearly thirty years experience, ACES is the partner you want for hardware and ongoing support services.
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When you need environmental test chambers, contact ACES. We offer swift and sound advice and a vast fleet of equipment for rapid deployment. We provide solutions for temperature and humidity cycling, thermal shock testing, altitude and space simulations and more. From bench-top models to walk-in facilities, we have it all. ACES is your strategic partner for urgent, short-term or special testing applications.

We are experts in service and leasing ultra low temperature freezers, vacuum chambers and lab ovens. Every manufacturing universe finds help here. Whatever community you’re part of: Scientific, Medical, Electronics, Industrial, Automotive, University or Government, you want ACES on your team!

No need to purchase costly equipment. Save time, money and risk with environmental test chamber rentals from Air-Craft Environmental Systems.

Supporting Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Products, and Life Sciences R&D Laboratories
Now in our 40th Year of Excellence!


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NanoMaterials Ltd. (Apnano) was established in 2002 and after its acquisition in 2013 became a fully owned subsidiary of the leading American company Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Inc. (NIS). NanoMaterials specializes in development and production of inorganic, multi-layered nanofullerenes and nanotubes, based on exclusively patented platform technology developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
These tungsten disulfide (WS2) based nanomaterials opened up new possibilities for developing extreme performance lubricants, coatings and polymer composites. The composition and morphology of these materials create a unique mechanism of friction-induced tribofilm release. The exfoliated nanoparticles attach to working-surfaces, fill in wear crevices and coat working surfaces with a continuous super-lubrication layer. This “surface reconditioning” effect was instrumental in the successful development of NIS’s Corp, award winning NanoLub® family of Extreme Pressure (EP) Anti-Wear (AW) and Anti-Friction (AF) lubrication additives. The Company’s R&D department is involved in extensive research and testing for additional WS2 based applications in the field of lubricants, coatings and polymer composites for such industries as defense, mining and metalworking.

NanoMaterials’ inorganic nano-particles can be incorporated into polymer matrices to increase their strength and fracture toughness, and enhance their tribological and thermal properties.
NanoMaterials’ multi-layered WS? nano-particles tackle one of the key problems of carbon nano-tubes, which is high rates of defects and agglomeration that translate to problematic dispersability.

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COOKE VACUUM designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom high and ultrahigh vacuum systems intended for research and production. With five decades of experience, and thousands of units in the field, COOKE VACUUM has come to symbolize economy and versatility,
Cooke Vacuum Products was established in the late 1950’s during an exciting period of experimentation in vacuum technology, especially thin film coating and materials research. From the beginning, Cooke had to pioneer new applications and new tools for the emerging semiconductor and optical industries, and for the related research laboratories.
Over the next decades, Cooke continued to support R&D by developing pumping systems, resistance evaporation, electron-beam, sputtering, and plasma sources, often in close collaboration with customers. Vacuum environmental chambers were developed for the space industry, encapsulation and bake systems for early flat panel displays. New, and highly specialized equipment was made for the quartz crystal industry, as well as for production of printing foil, then holographic foil. We were there to make the first OLED systems, and the first glove-box processors.
Because of the emphasis on custom solutions, the company has remained relatively small, and is well-known for its ability to “engineer on demand” more than for volume production.

Thin Film Deposition: Thermal Resistance; Electron Beam; Sputter; PLD; OLED and Glove Box Systems.
Etch/Ash/Surface Treatment: Plasma Etch; Reactive Ion Etch; Surface Activation and Modification.
Test and Specials: Environmental Test; Space Simulators; Vacuum Ovens: Laser Die Attach.

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Dynamic Systems, Poestenkill NY, USA
Address: 323 NY 355, Poestenkill, NY 12140, USA
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Dynamic Systems manufactures the Gleeble® line of thermal-mechanical physical simulators. Samples of material are heated and mechanically worked while performance parameters are measured and analyzed, providing a cost effective way to physically simulate high temperature processes and applications at a far lower cost than full scale tests.

Process simulation capabilities include: Hot Rolling, Continuous Casting, Recrystallization, Weld HAZ Cycles, Butt Welding, Diffusion Bonding, Mushy Zone Processing, Forging, Extrusion, Continuous Strip Annealing, Heat Treating, Quenching and more.

More information on Gleeble Systems can be found on the company website:

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FLIR thermal imaging systems use state-of-the-art infrared imaging technology that detects infrared radiation – or heat. Based on detected temperature differences, thermal imaging cameras can create a crisp image. Advanced algorithms also make it possible to read correct temperature values from this image. Thermal imaging technology has become increasingly popular and more and more universities are using thermal imaging technology for the most demanding, complex and the most diverse applications.

Entry Level Cameras
Performance Level Cameras
Advanced Level Cameras

Industrial R&D
Academics & Research
NDT/Materials Testing
Defense & Aerospace

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When Linseis began manufacturing recorders and thermal analysis instruments, almost 50 years ago, they had a specific goal in mind: To build a more versatile, performance oriented product, utilizing the latest relevant technologies and offer it at a fair and reasonable price. This philosophy has carried on through the years. It is, in fact the guiding force throughout the development cycle of every product which bears the Linseis name.

Differential Thermal Analysis
Thermomechanical Analysis
Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer
Thermal Diffusivity / Thermal Conductivity
Seebeck Coeffcient / Electrical Resistance
Dielectric Analysis
Hall Effect Analysis
Couplings / Gas Analysis
Gas Dosing Systems
Recorder / Data Logger

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The MELLEN Company was founded in 1966 by one man who believed in creating high temperature furnaces to maximize work time and minimize uncontrolled temperature variations. Mr. Mellen, an avid scientist, combined his years of experience with constant research to develop top of the line products. Through his diligence he created the patented MELLEN EDG furnace, patented thermal distortion free sight glass and many others.
Today, MELLEN combines years of research with ongoing research, computer aided design and stringent quality control. MELLEN strives to provide its customers with well researched and extensively engineered products.
MELLEN tests and develops new products using the MELLEN LAB. Inside the lab, MELLEN tests for element life, longevity and maximum use. MELLEN experiments with components, atmosphere and materials. Our goal is to maximize furnace life and quality.
At MELLEN, each furnace is carefully inspected to meet our high quality standards. In addition to MELLEN’s standard line of furnaces, MELLEN creates custom furnace designed to your specifications.
ALL of MELLEN’s products are made in the U.S.A. and are available to ship around the world!
Complete Systems
Temperature Controls
Heating Elements

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Address: Wittelsbacherstraße 42, 95100 Selb, Germany
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The Analyzing & Testing business unit of the NETZSCH Group develops and manufactures a complete high-precision instrument line for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurement, as well as offering world class commercial testing services in our laboratories. Our instrumentation is employed for research and quality control in the polymer sector, the chemical industry, the areas of inorganic and building materials, and environmental analysis. Instruments for controlling – such as for in-situ cure monitoring – complete our product line.

First-rate software achievements that have been highly praised among experts, particularly in the area of evaluation (such as rection kinetics or multicomponent analysis), attest to our high degree of technical progress and warrants the superiority of our products and services.

Products & Solutions:
Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Thermogravimetric Analysis
Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analysis & DSC
Thermomechanical Analysis
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis
Multiple Mode Calorimetry
Accelerating Rate Calorimetry
Dielectric Analysis
Thermal Diffusivity & Conductivity
Seebeck Coefficient & Electrical Conductivity
Refractory Testing
Evolved Gas Analysis

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The roots of the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation date back to the establishment of the Standard Pyrometric Cone Company in 1896. Dr. Orton recognized the ceramic industry’s need to have a calibrated visual device to measure the amount of heat work delivered to ceramic products during the firing process to validate thermal processing. To meet this need he developed a series of pyrometric cones and established the Standard Pyrometric Cone Company to manufacture the cones. Even with the subsequent development of thermocouples and electronic temperature controllers, Orton’s pyrometric products continue to be a vital part of process control systems around the world.
Orton has three distinct areas of products and services: Pyrometric Monitoring Devices for thermal processing; Thermanalytical Instruments for measuring thermal properties; and Material Testing Services to measure thermal properties.
Orton provides its products and services to more than 70 countries worldwide. The Foundation currently occupies a 33,000 square foot facility in Westerville, Ohio, a northeastern suburb of Columbus, Ohio, approximately 20 minutes from Port Columbus International Airport. Orton’s 30+ employees are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to it customers.

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Address: Spring St, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Z8, Canada
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Red Core Consulting ltd is a physics consulting firm with a heritage of performing thermal and mechanical tests on materials, and specializing in cryogenic ASTM C177 testing.

Our customers have included some of the largest LNG design bureaux, manufacturers of insulating materials, and construction firms. Irrespective of the industry, understanding and controlling the flow of heat prevents waste and benefits your budget and the environment.

We pride ourselves on performing analyses that are class-leading in terms of their rigour and compliance to the published standards, and we bring over two decades of scientific expertise to bear on non-standard projects.

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