Directed Synthesis
David J. Fisher
Materials Research Foundations Vol. 152
Publication Date 2023, 144 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-274-5 (release date November 2023)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-275-2

Structure-directed synthesis aims at the design and preparation of novel solid-state structures; using the structure-directing capability of some molecular additive, the so-called structure-directing agent. This general train of thought has led to the development of many weird and wonderful strategies. The book presents an in-depth review of the field and discusses the potential for further developments. Some of the topics are listed under ‘Keywords’. The book references 343 original resources with their direct web links for in-depth reading.

Directed Synthesis, Multicomponent Colloidal Nanostructures, Nanoparticle-Seed Surfaces, Photocatalytic and Photo-Electrochemical Applications, Synthesis of Nanostructured Metal Oxides and Metal Oxalates, Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors and Metals with Surface Plasmon-Resonance Active Bands, Mesoporous Materials Possessing Multilevel Architectures, Spatially Distinct Nanostructured Organic and Inorganic Arrays, 2- and 3-Dimensional Periodic Composite Structures, Protein-Protein Interaction and DNA Hybridization, Polynuclear Complexes and Coordination Polymers of 3d Metals, Ultra-Small Metal Nanoclusters, Biomolecule-Nanocluster Composites, Nanostructured Sulphur-Carbon Nanotube Cathode


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