Novel Approaches in Materials and Technologies for Building Construction
Mohammad Arif Kamal, Rupesh Manohar Surwade, Abhishek Mahendra Bangre
Materials Research Foundations Vol. 158
Publication Date 2024, 152 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-292-9 (release date February 2024)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-293-6

The book discusses the latest developments in the area of building constructions. Most of the building components such as columns, roofs and concrete blocks are available in prefabricated forms that increase the speed of construction processes. The goal is to engineer buildings that are sustainable, efficient, resilient, economically viable; and ensure the safety, health and comfort of occupants. New materials and technologies aim at energy efficiency, water conservation, improved indoor air quality, durability and low life cycle and maintenance costs.

Soliton, Discrete Breathers, Quasi-Breathers, Shock Waves, Supersonic Waves, Molecular Dynamics, Self-Organization, Nonlinearity, Dislocation Extraction Algorithm, Frenkel Pairs, Stacking Fault Tetrahedra


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