New Materials for a Circular Economy


This book discusses new ways of production, management, recycling and conversion of new and regular materials.


New Materials for a Circular Economy
Eds. Alberto García-Peñas and Gaurav Sharma
Materials Research Foundations Vol. 149
Publication Date 2023, 494 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-262-2 (release date September 2023)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-263-9

A circular and environment-friendly economy could displace the linear economy as it is in use around the world. This would involve enlarged life cycles for products, and an increase in the efficiency of electric and electronic devices. The generation of new materials will be essential, as well as materials recycling or conversion after use. This book discusses new ways of production, management, recycling and conversion of new and regular materials.

Microplastics, Lignocellulose-Based Materials, Food Packaging, Biorefinery, Solar Energy, Reused Materials, Recycling of Plastics, Biopolymers, Composites, Polymeric Systems, CO2 Capture, Anticorrosive Polymeric Coatings, Metallic Structures, Scrap for New Steel, Nanomaterials, Waste from Electronic Components, Future of Cars, Raw Materials, Biomaterials, Bioeconomy, Circular Bioeconomy, Polymeric Electrolytes, Fuel Cells


Table of Contents

From Plastics to Microplastics: Quantification, Degradation and Mitigation
P. Herrasti, N. Menendez, J. Sanchez-Marcos, F.J. Recio, E. Mazario

Lignocellulose-Based Materials for Food Packaging: A Biorefinery Perspective
Miguel Ladero, Juan M. Bolivar, Victoria E. Santos, Nuria Gomez, Juan C. Villar, Priscilla Vergara, Pedro Yustos, Maria Isabel Guijarro, Jose M. Carbajo, Ursulla Fillat, Itziar A. Escanciano, Victor Martin Dominguez, Jorge Garcia Montalvo, Celia Alvarez Gonzalez

Solar Energy and Reused Materials in the Recycling of Plastics
C. Puente-Rueda, M.A. Saénz-Nuño, J. Luis-Zamora, C. Puente-Agueda

Biopolymers and their Application-Oriented Composites into a Circular Economy Context
Ruben Teijido, Leire Ruiz Rubio, Qi Zhang, Senentxu Lanceros, José Luis Vilas Vilela

Recent Advances in Polymeric Systems for CO2 Capture: A Small Catalogue
Raquel López-Gallego, Gaurav Sharma, Amit Kumar, María Moral-Zamorano, Alberto García-Peñas

Smart Anticorrosive Polymeric Coatings for Prolonging the Lifetime of Metallic Structures
Reza Naderi, Najmeh Asadi

Scrap for New Steel
Carola Celada-Casero, Félix A. López, Carlos Capdevila, Roberto Castelo, Santiago Oliver

Nanomaterials and their Synthesis for a Sustainable Future
Helena Gavilán, María B. Serrano, Juan Carlos Cabanelas

Advances in the Treatment of Waste Derived from Electronic Components: The Future of Cars: An Assessment through Raw Materials
A. Ortego, A. Valero, I. García-Díaz, F.A. López, M. Iglesias-Émbil

Biomaterials with Bioactive features Developed using Ulvan as Key Component within a Bioeconomy Approach
M.D. Torres, H. Domínguez

Lignocellulosic resources: A Key Player in the Transition to a Circular Bioeconomy
E. Espinosa, E. Rincón, L.M. Reyes Mendez, R. Morcillo-Martín, L. Rabasco-Vílchez, J. Moreno-García, J. de Haro, A. Lucena, A. Rodríguez

Polymeric Electrolytes in Fuel Cells: A Sustainable Approach
N. Ureña, M.T. Pérez-Prior

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