Analysis of large deformations of long flexible bars

Artur Ganczarski, Tomasz Gawlik

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Abstract. This work presents a comparison the results of the real deformation of a four-segment fly rod used to the feeder method with the results obtained from the theory and the FEM. The experiment of bending comprises preparation of the measuring path, in which the real fly rod is loaded by a series of forces subsequently changing both magnitude and inclination. The FEM model of the fly rod is based on the beam element and the variation of the cross-section is subjected to stepping approximation. The theoretical model takes advantage of the classical elliptic integral formulation applied to describe full curvature problem of long flexible bars. Dominant errors between the experimental data and numerical results come from essential difficulties in accurate measurement of the wall thickness as well as uncertainty of fibre carbon configuration.

Large Deformation, Verification of Bending Test by FEM and Theory, Carbon Fibre Composite

Published online , 9 pages
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Citation: Artur Ganczarski, Tomasz Gawlik, Analysis of large deformations of long flexible bars, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 30, pp 7-15, 2023


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