Emerging Nanomaterials and Their Impact on Society in the 21st Century, PDF eBook DRM Free


The book covers the synthesis, classification, characterization, applications and historical background of nanomaterials in various sectors.

Emerging Nanomaterials and Their Impact on Society in the 21st Century
Eds. N.B. Singh, Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan and Ratiram Gomaji Chaudhary
Materials Research Foundations Vol. 135
Publication Date 2023, 372 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-216-5  (release date January 2023)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-217-2
DOI: 10.21741/9781644902172

The book covers the synthesis, classification, characterization, applications and historical background of nanomaterials in various sectors, such as nanosensors, healthcare, solar cells, energy storage, hydrogels, nanocatalysts, sport industry, automobile sector, construction industry, lubricant industry, defense and security, textiles, food sciences, agriculture and biomedical applications.

Carbon Nanomaterials , Functionalized Carbon Nanomaterials, Smart Nanomaterials, Hybrid Nanomaterials, Biomedical Applications, Drug Delivery, Soy Protein Isolate, Healthcare, Perovskite Solar Cells, Nanoemulsions, Lubricant Industry, Binding Materials, Construction Industry, Toxicological Effects, Aquatic Biota, Safety Concerns


Table of Contents

Nanomaterials: Overview and Historical Perspectives
Mridula Guin and N.B. Singh

Nanomaterials in the Lubricant Industry
Ashima Srivastava, Pratibha Singh, Preeti Jain, Kirti Srivastava, Sanjeev Sharma

Carbon Nanomaterials and Their Applications
Neksumi Musa, Sushmita Banerjee, N.B. Singh, Usman Lawal Usman

Functionalized Carbon Nanomaterials: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications
P.R. Bhilkar, R.S. Madankar, T.S. Shrirame, R.D. Utane, A.K. Potbhare, S. Yerpude, S.R. Thakare, Sarita Rai, A.A. Abdala, Ratiram G. Chaudhary

Smart Nanomaterials and Their Applications
Md. Kawsar Alam, Rejwana Karim, A. J. Saleh Ahammad

Emerging Nanomaterials in Drug Delivery and Therapy
Mahmuda Nargis, Raju Ahmed, Abu Bin Ihsan

Hybrid Nanomaterials: Historical Developments, Classification and Biomedical Applications
Jarin Ibedita Edi, Abdul Muhaymin, Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan

Carbon Nanomaterials for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells
T. Swetha, Surya Prakash Singh

Nanoemulsions: Preparation, Properties and Applications
Preeti Gupta, Vinita, S.S. Das

Effect of Nanomaterials on the Properties of Binding Materials in the Construction Industry
N.B. Singh, B. Middendorf, Richa Tomar

Nanoparticles Incorporated Soy Protein Isolate for Emerging Applications in Medical and Biomedical Sectors
Priya Rani, Priyaragini Singh, Abhay Pandit, Rakesh Kumar

Emerging Nanomaterials in Healthcare
Ephraim Felix Marondedze, Lukman O. Olasunkanmi, Atheesha Singh, Penny Poomani Govender

Toxicological Effects of Nanomaterials on the Aquatic Biota
Usman Lawal Usman, Sushmita Banerjee, Nakshatra Bahadur Singh, Neksumi Musa

Nanomaterials and Safety Concerns to End Users
A. Ale, S. Municoy, J. Cazenave, M.F. Desimone

About the Editors

Prof. N.B. Singh, former Head Chemistry Department and Former Dean Faculty of Science, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur is presently Emeritus professor at Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Research Development Cell, Sharda University, Greater Noida, UP. Dr. Singh received the most prestigious Alexander von Humboldt fellowship (Germany) in 1977 and has worked at different universities in Germany. His main areas of research are Solid state chemistry, materials science, cement chemistry, thermodynamics, and water purification. He has published more than 300 research articles, 8 books, and more than 50 book chapters. Prof. Singh is president of Indian Association for Solid State Chemists and Allied Scientists Jammu and received many awards. His name appeared twice in the list of 2% scientists of world declared by Stanford University, USA.

Dr. Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan, a Professor of Chemistry at Dhaka University, Bangladesh, received his Ph.D. degree from Yokohama National University, Japan in 2000 as a MEXT scholar and was awarded VBL, JSPS, CREST, and Bridge postdoctoral fellowships. He has 176 articles including 18 book chapters. He collaborates with 14 renowned laboratories and visited eleven countries. He was nominated for awards from FACS, in 2005 and ISESCO, in 2010. He received the Dean’s Award of the Faculty of Science, Dhaka University (2011), the UGC Awards of Bangladesh in 2011 and 2013, the United Group Paper Awards in 2016 and 2017, and the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences Gold Medal in 2012. He received the Silver Medal of the Society of Promotion of Education and Science, India in 2019. He is an Associate Editor of Spectrum of Emerging Sciences, an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences and Universal Journal of Electrochemistry, and the Journal of Scientific and Technical Research. He served as the National Representative of Division I of IUPAC. He has been a Fellow (2018) of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences and IUPAC (2016). His citations are 10,901, h-index- 30 and i-10 index- 79.

Dr. Ratiram Gomaji Chaudhary is presently working as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry, Seth Kesarimal Porwal College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kamptee. His research areas are Biogenic Synthesis, Phytosynthesis, Metal oxide/Graphene-based nanohybrids, Toxic Dyes Degradations etc. He has been awarded two times with ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Award’ as JRF by UGC, New Delhi for pursuing MPhil and PhD degrees. He has published 3 books, 19 book chapters, and 102 regular articles, and 12 review articles in peer-reviewed SCI/Scopus indexing journals having Total Citations of 1351 with h_index 20. He is a recipient of several awards like ‘Best Researcher Award’, ‘Young Scientist Award’, ‘Outstanding Reviewer Award by IOP-VAST’, Mahatma Jyotirao Fule: State Level Best Researcher Award, etc. He worked as a Guest Editor for Scopus indexed journals Materials Today: Proceeding, Elsevier, and Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Current Pharmaceutical Design, and Current Nanosciences, Bentham Science.