Topological Insulators in Optical Applications


Topological Insulators in Optical Applications

Sabahat Urossha, S.S. Ali

Since the discovery of topological insulators, researchers in condensed matter physics have focused on studying multiple topological states of matter. Topological insulators can transport an electron across the boundary without backscattering when they experience surface contaminants because of the unique exotic phase they exhibit. Research in topological photonics is among the most active fields of study in optics, and it is also one of the driving forces of research in topological physics. With the recent discovery of topological states of matter, EM waves can now be controlled and manipulated in a novel way. These metamaterials have the ability to revolutionize a wide range of electromagnetic design domains, from very durable cavities to tiny waveguides.

Topological Insulators, Nonlinear Optical Behavior, Saturable Absorber

Published online 12/15/2023, 27 pages

Citation: Sabahat Urossha, S.S. Ali, Topological Insulators in Optical Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 154, pp 120-146, 2024


Part of the book on Topological Insulators

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