Techniques for Recycling and Recovery of Perovskites Solar Cells


Techniques for Recycling and Recovery of Perovskites Solar Cells

Somi Joshi, Kanchan Chaudhary, Kalpana Lodhi, Manjeet Singh Goyat, Tejendra K. Gupta

Perovskite-based photovoltaic cells (PSCs) have been viewed as a capable future generation candidate for photovoltaic innovation with a phenomenal improvement in power transformation productivity (PCE) because of various changes taking place over a decade due to the amazing optoelectronic qualities of perovskite materials. PSCs are extremely competitive in comparison to existing marketed silicon and thin film-based photovoltaic automation due to their configurable band gap, intense inclusion, high power transformation effectiveness, and minimal expense. Contrarily, commercial items invariably affect massive quantities of waste and the quality of products, both of which have a terrible impact on the environment. Perovskite solar cell recycling and recovery methods should be investigated and developed ahead of time to overcome this issue. As a result; PSC components must be recycled for industrial fabrication applications. The importance of recycling and several recycling approaches are discussed in this paper, along with the recycling of several parts of perovskite solar cells which include transparent conductive oxide (TCO) substrates, electron transport materials (ETM), metal electrodes, toxic lead material, and monolithic structure. The reusing technique has also been deliberated about the variety of layered designs. Lastly, the prospect of next-stage perovskite-photovoltaics reusing has been proposed as a means of encouraging eco-friendly extensive manufacture and use.

Perovskite Solar Cells, Recycling Process, Lead Toxicity, Cost Analysis

Published online 10/15/2023, 22 pages

Citation: Somi Joshi, Kanchan Chaudhary, Kalpana Lodhi, Manjeet Singh Goyat, Tejendra K. Gupta, Techniques for Recycling and Recovery of Perovskites Solar Cells, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 151, pp 89-110, 2023


Part of the book on Perovskite based Materials for Energy Storage Devices

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