Perovskite Based Ferroelectric Materials for Energy Storage Devices


Perovskite Based Ferroelectric Materials for Energy Storage Devices

M. Rizwan, A. Ayub, T. Fatama, H. Hameed, Q. Ali, K. Aslam, T. Hashmi

World’s energy crisis has led to scrupulous research in the field of energy harvesting. Ferroelectrics have become the elite choice for energy storage applications such as in capacitors, transducers and sensors owing to their exciting properties such as ferroelectricity, remnant polarization and dielectric properties and high conversion efficiencies. The objective of this chapter is to elaborate the energy storage properties of ferroelectric perovskites as it is a necessity to construct such devices to meet the increasing demand of energy renewable resources. Lead based and lead-free ferroelectrics and various ferroelectric based energy storage devices as well as the ways to optimize their energy storage density are meticulously discussed.

Ferroelectricity, Capacitors, Dielectrics, High Storage Density, Fuel Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs), Transport Properties

Published online 10/15/2023, 22 pages

Citation: M. Rizwan, A. Ayub, T. Fatama, H. Hameed, Q. Ali, K. Aslam, T. Hashmi, Perovskite Based Ferroelectric Materials for Energy Storage Devices, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 151, pp 67-88, 2023


Part of the book on Perovskite based Materials for Energy Storage Devices

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