Influence of surface pressure and tool materials on contact heating of aluminum

Influence of surface pressure and tool materials on contact heating of aluminum

TRÂN Ricardo, PSYK Verena, WINTER Sven, KRÄUSEL Verena

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Abstract. The implementation of lightweight design concepts can significantly benefit from using highly efficient heating technologies such as contact heating in thermo-mechanical processing of sheet metal components. The investigation of the influence of surface pressure and tool material on the heating time and the heating rate during contact heating is the subject of this publication. A specially manufactured contact heating tool with comprehensive temperature and force measurement was used for studying the effects of different contact plate materials (CuZn39Pb3 and CuCr1Zr), surface pressures (3 MPa – 15 MPa) and variable plate thicknesses (1.0 mm – 5.2 mm) during heating of the aluminum alloy EN AW-7075 up to the solution heat treatment temperature of 475 °C. It was observed that heating time is lower for thinner workpieces. Furthermore, heating times decrease and heating rates increase significantly with increasing surface pressure for a pressure range of 3 MPa – 9 MPa. A further increase in surface pressure is not recommended, because the benefit in terms of further reduction of the heating time is marginal and the strength of the contact plate materials at elevated temperatures is limited. Contact heating using copper plates is significantly faster compared to brass plates and the conventionally used steel plates. Brass plates, however, benefit more from an increase in surface pressure. Both investigated materials allow faster heating than conventional steel plates due to their higher thermal conductivity. Depending on the specific process parameters the heating process can be accelerated to less than one second. Thus, contact heating can be realized within the press cycle.

Heating Technology, Contact Heating, Aluminum, Hot Forming, Tool Technology

Published online 4/19/2023, 10 pages
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Citation: TRÂN Ricardo, PSYK Verena, WINTER Sven, KRÄUSEL Verena, Influence of surface pressure and tool materials on contact heating of aluminum, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 28, pp 959-968, 2023


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