Superconducting Metamaterials and their Applications


Superconducting Metamaterials and their Applications

M. Rizwan, A. Usman, M. Zainab, A. Ayub, B. Tehreem

Superconductors have been in the field for more than a century now and superconducting metamaterials are a class of materials that have extremely low losses. Superconducting materials exhibit supreme properties such as currents that can last for twenty-six years and quantum phenomenon that makes it very suitable for making metamaterials. Superconductor composites are materials in which a material with a substantial permeability and negative effective permittivity material is combined with a superconductor which reduce losses in metamaterials at resonance frequency. There are many angles to explore and investigate in superconducting metamaterials. Novel applications of superconducting metamaterials are also briefly deliberated

SQUIDS, Metamaterials, Split Ring Resonators (SRRs), Superconductors, Josephson Junction

Published online 10/5/2022, 17 pages

Citation: M. Rizwan, A. Usman, M. Zainab, A. Ayub, B. Tehreem, Superconducting Metamaterials and their Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 132, pp 194-210, 2022


Part of the book on Superconductors

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