Hexagonal Ferrites, Synthesis, Properties and Their Applications


Hexagonal Ferrites, Synthesis, Properties and Their Applications

Pooja Dhiman, Rohit Jasrotia, Dipanshi Goyal, Genene Tessema Mola

We intend to report on possible fabrication routes for all types of hexagonal ferrites which are known for their wide area of use and applications. Hexagonal ferrites have now become an intense topic of research as they are the part of most of magnetic recording and data storage applications globally. Hexagonal or popularly known as ‘Heaxa-ferrites’ are known for their utilization in permanent magnets and their utilization in electrical devices being operated at high frequencies especially at GHz frequencies. We have presented in this chapter all main six types of hexagonal ferrites i.e. M Type, Z-Type, Y-type, W-type, X-Type and U-type hexa-ferrites. Hexaferrites belong to ferromagnetic class of magnetic materials and their properties are purely dependent on intrinsic structure of ferrites. In this chapter, we aim to discuss more on M-type of hexa-ferrites, their properties and their applications. Also, recent advances on M-type ferrites are also a part of this chapter.

Hexaferrites, M-Type, Anisotropy, High Frequency Applications

Published online , 35 pages

Citation: Pooja Dhiman, Rohit Jasrotia, Dipanshi Goyal, Genene Tessema Mola, Hexagonal Ferrites, Synthesis, Properties and Their Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 112, pp 336-370, 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644901595-10

Part of the book on Ferrite

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