Silver Phosphate Based Photocatalysis: A Brief Review from Fundamentals to Applications


Silver Phosphate Based Photocatalysis: A Brief Review from Fundamentals to Applications

A. Samal, A. Baral, D.P. Das

Attributable to the superior visible light active nature and high efficiency, silver phosphate (Ag3PO4) has attracted gigantic attention for decomposition of organic contaminants and fuel production. The photoresponsivity of Ag3PO4 hugely depends upon the morphology, method of fabrication, formation of hybrids and photocorrosive nature of it. The cause of high activity, activity based on morphology and various methods of synthesis of Ag3PO4 based photocatalysts to improve the stability of Ag3PO4 for applications towards energy and environment is the crux of the matter in this review. Important applications including photocatalytic pollutant degradation, O2/H2 production, and bacterial degradation are also addressed. Finally, summary and outlooks on the challenges and future perspectives of this emerging photocatalyst are presented.

Photocatalysis, Dye Degradation, Water Splitting, Visible Light, Ag3PO4, Heterostructure, Electronic Structure, Pollutants

Published online 2/25/2018, 40 pages


Part of Photocatalytic Nanomaterials for Environmental Applications

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