Contemporary Dielectric Materials, Chapter 1


Electrical impedance analysis for nano crystalline NiO prepared by combustion method

N. Nallamuthu, S. Asath bahadur, V. Siva, A. Shameem

Nanocrystalline NiO material has been synthesized using a tartaric acid based sol-gel combustion method. The obtained XRD peaks for various calcinating temperatures have been analyzed and reported. The XRD particle size is determined by using the Scherrer formula and it is found to be ~27nm at 600 oC. The structural identification of NiO has been done using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The spherical shaped agglomerated NiO particles are characterized by using the SEM technique and the atomic percentages are verified by EDX techniques. The electrical conductivities of sintered NiO are evaluated through an impedance analysis and the activation energy is found to be 0.21 eV.

Nanocrystalline, XRD, SEM, Impedance, Electrical Conductivity, Cathode Materials

Published online 1/1/2017, 11 pages


Part of Contemporary Dielectric Materials

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