Contemporary Approaches in the Synthesis and Fabrication of Nanoparticles


Contemporary Approaches in the Synthesis and Fabrication of Nanoparticles

Preetha G. Prasad

Nowadays engineered nanomaterials and nano phases are fabricated through the manipulation of factors during their synthesis. The current chapter encompasses the trends and challenges of the diversified synthetic strategies including the physic chemical and biological techniques. Methods such as solvo-thermal, reduction, microemulsion, microwave-assisted, sonochemical, electrochemical, polyol and radiolytic processes are discussed under chemical approach. The various physical procedures included are milling, high-energy irradiation, ion implantation, laser ablation and spray pyrolysis. The rising trends of green protocols using biological systems like plant extracts, enzymes and microorganisms towards the surface tuning of these are also discussed.

Bottom-Up Method, Solvo Thermal, Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Green Synthesis, Sonochemical Technique, Ion Implantation

Published online 2/10/2024, 28 pages

Citation: Preetha G. Prasad, Contemporary Approaches in the Synthesis and Fabrication of Nanoparticles, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 160, pp 24-51, 2024


Part of the book on Nanoparticles in Healthcare

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