Topological Superconductor


Topological Superconductor

M. Rizwan, H. Hameed, H.M. Naeem Ullah, A. Ayub

In the scientific community, in topological materials superconductivity has attracted scientists significantly as Majorana fermions as observed in these materials perceived from zero-biased conduction peak, quantized thermal conductivity, and AJE (Anomalous Josephson Effect). In this chapter recent advancements in the field of TSCs have been discussed. Role Majorana fermions in TSCs has been discussed briefly. Few materials that show topological superconductivity under specific conditions have also been considered. Unconventional doping-based sed superconductors showed topological superconductivity having topological invariant states in the form of bulk from under certain conditions.

Superconductors, Majorana Fermions, Quantum Spin, Spin Current, Nematicity, Josephson Effect

Published online 12/15/2023, 13 pages

Citation: M. Rizwan, H. Hameed, H.M. Naeem Ullah, A. Ayub, Topological Superconductor, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 154, pp 82-94, 2024


Part of the book on Topological Insulators

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