Magnetic Topological Insulator


Magnetic Topological Insulator

M. Rizwan, H. Hameed, A. Ayub, H.M. Naeem Ullah

In condensed matter physics, global band topology and its importance have been recognized unambiguously such as the discovery of topological insulators (TIs). Massless dispersion having spin momentum locking has been possessed by 3D topological insulators because of their bulk band topology at the surface. In Dirac band dispersion the exchange gap formation is caused by broken TRS or by the beginning of spontaneous magnetization, even though the time-reversal invariable system is the origin of 3D TIs. In such magnetic TIs, at zero magnetic fields in the exchange gap, the appearance of quantum hall effect (QHE) is the result of Fermi level tuning, and QHE at zero magnetic fields is the quantum anomalous hall effect (QAHE). In this chapter, the experimental realization and basic concepts of magnetic TIs have been discussed. The origin of magnetization in topological insulators is the main idea, which leads to QHE, and QAHE and different materials have also been discussed.

Antiferromagnetic Phase, Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect, Topological Insulators, Ferromagnetic Phase, Intrinsic Magnetic Insulators, Integer Quantum Hall Effect (QHE)

Published online 12/15/2023, 21 pages

Citation: M. Rizwan, H. Hameed, A. Ayub, H.M. Naeem Ullah, Magnetic Topological Insulator, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 154, pp 61-81, 2024


Part of the book on Topological Insulators

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