A New Constitutive Modeling for Hot Isostatic Pressing of Powders

A New Constitutive Modeling for Hot Isostatic Pressing of Powders

Gholamreza Aryanpour

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Abstract. Regarding the fact that a major deformation and thus densification of powder takes place during both ramp and holding stages in the process of hot isostatic pressing, a more precise model must be applied to describe the inelastic behavior of powder. For this aim, a plastic-viscoplastic modeling is developed in this work. This modeling is based on considering two logical phenomena, one is the strain hardening of powder particles during isostatic pressing and the other one is the increase in relative density following the particle deformation. Based on these facts, the plastic-viscoplastic model is formulated for the isostatic pressing. Finally, the numerical and experimental results will be compared and discussed.

Modeling, Plasticity, Viscoplasticity, Densification, Stainless Steel 316L

Published online 12/8/2023, 6 pages
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Citation: Gholamreza Aryanpour, A New Constitutive Modeling for Hot Isostatic Pressing of Powders, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 38, pp 160-165, 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902837-22

The article was published as article 22 of the book Hot Isostatic Pressing

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