Hot Isostatic Pressing – HIP’22
Eds. Brian Welk, Victor Samarov, Cliff Orcutt, David Gandy, Hamish Fraser
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 38
Publication Date 2023, 196 Pages
print ISBN 9781644902820 (release date December 2023)
ePDF ISBN 9781644902837
DOI: 10.21741/9781644902837

The book presents recent advances in the use of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) techniques in the manufacture and processing of materials.

Table of Contents

PM-HIP for Nuclear: Outlook, Technology and Applications
David W. Gandy

Near-Net-Shape HIP Manufacturing for sCO2 Turbomachinery Cost Reduction
Shenyan Huang, Victor Samarov, Dmitry Seliverstov, Jason Mortzheim, Evgeny Khomyakov

Manufacturing of Compact Heat Exchangers by Hot Isostatic Pressing
Emmanuel Rigal, Isabelle Moro-Le Gall, Matthieu Maunay, Sébastien Chomette, Lionel Cachon, Sébastien Vincent

Dissolvable HIP Space-Holders Enabling more Cost Effective and Sustainable Manufacture of Hydrogen Electrolyzers
Iain Berment-Parr, Owen Larkin, Bea Howarth, Kieran Bullivant

The Pathology of PM HIP Duplex Stainless Steels
Tomas Berglund, Björn-Olof Bengtsson, Jan-Olof Nilsson

Application of HIP-NNS to Large Complex Products Using Super Duplex Stainless Steel Powder
Toyohito Shiokawa, Mitsuo Okuwaki, Hiroshi Urakawa

Powder Metallurgy HIP for Naval Nuclear Applications – Trends in Process and Property Development
Colin D. Ridgeway, Terrance Nolan

Rapid L-PBF Printing of IN718 Coupled with HIP-Quench: A Faster Approach to Combine Manufacturing and Heat Treatment in a Nickel-Based Alloy
Emilio Bassini, Giulio Marchese, Davide Grattarola, Pietro A. Martelli, Sara Biamino, Daniele Ugues

Use of High-Pressure Heat Treatment (HPHTTM) for L-PBF F357
Chad Beamer, Andrew Wessman, Donald Godfrey

Use of HIP Process in Post-Processing of Components Manufactured by SLM Technology from Magnetically Soft FeSi6.5 Powder
Dariusz Kołacz, Adrian Radoń, Karol Krukowski, Joanna Kulasa, Aleksandra Kolano-Burian

Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on Microstructure and Properties of GH4169 Superalloy Manufactured by SLM
Shanting Niu, Hongpeng Xin, Lida Che, Haofeng Li, Xiangyang Li

Manufacturing of Net-Shape and Wear-Resistant Composite Components via the Combination of Additive Manufacturing and Hot Isostatic Pressing
Markus Mirz, Marie Franke-Jurisch, Anke Kaletsch, Simone Herzog, Yuanbin Deng, Johannes Trapp, Alexander Kirchner, Thomas Weissgärber, Christoph Broeckmann

Development and Manufacture of Innovative Toughened Fine-Grained Recrystallized Tungsten Alloy
Koichi Niikura, Shunsuke Makimura, Hiroaki Kurshita, Hun-Chea Jung, Yasuhiro Matsumoto, Masashi Inotsume, Masahiro Onoi

Comparison of HIP Composite and HIP Solid Material with Melting Metallurgically Produced Solid Material
Alexander Ernst, Beat Hofer, Adem Altay, Michael Hamentgen

Fabrication of Large Three-Dimensional Flow Path Structure Using SS Flexible Tube
Ryunosuke Kitamori, Mitsuo Okuwaki, Shigeki Tsuruoka, Takuya Nagahama

Powder Metallurgy HIP and Extrusion Study of FeCrAl Alloy for Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding
Shenyan Huang, Evan Dolley, Steve Buresh, Ian Spinelli, Jason Leszczewicz, Marija Drobnjak, Mike Knussman, Raul B. Rebak

Preparation of High-Quality Mo-Nb (Ti/Ni-Ti) Sputtering Target by Hot Isostatic Pressing
Zhanfang Wu, Lida Che, Jing He, Haofeng Li, Pengjie Zhang, Xiangyang Li

Simulation-Based Manufacturing of Near-Net-Shape Components and Prediction of the Microstructural Evolution during Hot Isostatic Pressing
Yuanbin Deng, Anke Kaletsch, Christoph Broeckmann

Modelling of Powder Filling of HIP Canisters
Simon Chung, Abheek Basu, Kieren Irvine, Peter Wypych, David Hastie, Andrew Grima, Sam Moricca

Computational Modeling of PM-HIP Capsule Filling and Consolidation by DEM-FEA Coupling
S. Sobhani, M. Albert, D. Gandy, A. Tabei, A. Fan

Identification of Porous Materials Rheological Coefficient Using Experimental Determination of the Radial and Longitudinal Strain Rate Ratio
Gerard Raisson, Vassily Goloveshkin, Victor Samarov

A New Constitutive Modeling for Hot Isostatic Pressing of Powders
Gholamreza Aryanpour

HIP Modeling and Design of Large Complex Shape Parts Close to the Size of the HIP Furnace Accounting Capsules Manufacturing Technology and their Movement Inside it During the Cycle
Dmitry Seliverstov, Evgeny Khomyakov, Alex Bissikalov, Victor Samarov

Effect of Experimental Determination Process on Shear Stress Coefficient of Green Equation Describing HIP
Gerard Raisson, Vassily Goloveshkin, Evgeny Khomyakov, Victor Samarov

Theoretical Evaluation of Capsule Material Strain Hardening on the Deformation of Long Cylindrical Blanks During HIP Process
Andrey Bochkov, Yury Kozyrev, Anton Ponomarev, Gerard Raisson