Magnetoelastic deformation of conductive semilinear hyperelastic solids

Magnetoelastic deformation of conductive semilinear hyperelastic solids

Odunayo Olawuyi Fadodun

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Abstract. This work investigates the radial deformation of conductive magneto-hyperelastic solid cylinder subject to azimuthal magnetic field. It shows effect of the current density on the radial deformation of the solid. A simple magnetoelastic energy function is proposed for the cylinder under consideration such that its purely elastic part corresponds to the strain energy of the well-known semilienar hyperelastic materials. The consequent magnetoelasticity field equations, in conjunction with the accompanying boundary conditions, are specialized for application to the problem of radial deformation of solid cylinder. The obtained magnetoelastic constitutive model shows that the stress distribution in the solids is sensitive to the magnetic induction while the associated magnetic field at point within the cylinder is deformation-dependent. Furthermore, it is revealed that the azimuthal magnetic induction produced by steady current within the solid cylinder increases along its radius. Finally, and among other things, the graphical illustration shows that the effect of steady axial current density on the magnitude of the displacement function at points within the cylinder is significantly pronounced.

Magnetoelasticity, Radial Deformation, Hyperelastic Materials, Cylinder, Conductive Elastomer

Published online 8/10/2023, 11 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Odunayo Olawuyi Fadodun, Magnetoelastic deformation of conductive semilinear hyperelastic solids, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 31, pp 715-725, 2023


The article was published as article 73 of the book Advanced Topics in Mechanics of Materials, Structures and Construction

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