Design of a solar PV power plant at KFU premises

Design of a solar PV power plant at KFU premises

Mahdi Alnasser, ‎Hassan Alghazal, ‎Amjad, Almeihan, Mounir Bouzguenda, Mohammed Abdulaziz Alaqil

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Abstract. This research project involves the design of an on-grid solar ‎photovoltaic system on a 6500m^2 triangular-shaped land at the King ‎Faisal University (KFU) campus. This project consists of two parts: general knowledge of Solar PV systems and design aspects of the solar PV system. The first part highlights key ‎theoretical knowledge about PV systems, i.e., the definition of a PV system, ‎the types, current technologies, and the components of the system. ‎The second part presents the design aspects of an on-grid ‎PV system and shows some standards used in designing, and sizing ‎PV components including the distance ‎between arrays and comparison between vertical and horizontal mounted ‎PV panels. The proposed modeling approach utilizes PVsyst solar simulation program to help ‎optimize and design the proposed solar PV system. Based on the performed numerical ‎calculations, the final design consisted of 8 inverters rated ‎‎at 110kVA each and 1200 panels rated at 540W to get the maximum output ‎power to feed the 1MW water treatment plant.‎ Several scenarios were carried out using different economic parameters. For the optimal scenario, the total operation cost using the 650 kW PV system is estimated to be 451,215 SAR with savings of 109,425 compared to the grid alone scenario. This translated to 0.254 SAR/kWh. In terms of oil and pollution and oil savings, the optimal results for adding the 650 kW PV system yield he life cylce cost anaylsis yield savings of more than 17,000 oil barrels and more than 23 thousand tons of CO2. The corresponding monetary revenues are about 13.4 million SAR.

Grid-Connected Solar PV System, KSA 2030 Vision, Two-Way Meters, Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Published online 8/10/2023, 9 pages
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Citation: Mahdi Alnasser, ‎Hassan Alghazal, ‎Amjad, Almeihan, Mounir Bouzguenda, Mohammed Abdulaziz Alaqil, Design of a solar PV power plant at KFU premises, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 31, pp 347-355, 2023


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