Finite electroelastic deformation of dielectric semilinear hyperelastic tubes

Finite electroelastic deformation of dielectric semilinear hyperelastic tubes

Odunayo O. Fadodun, Bolanle A. Olokuntoye, Patrick O. Layeni and Adegbola P. Akinola

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Abstract. This study examines the finite electroelastic deformation problem of extension and inflation coupling of dielectric semilinear hyperelastic tubes with closed ends under the influence of internal pressure, axial loads and radial electric field. The laws of thermodynamics and Coleman-Noll procedure are used to derive the electroelastic constitutive model of the tube. The solution of the consequent electromechanical field equations shows that the applied radial electric field associated with the equal and opposite charges on the electrode coated surfaces contributes to both internal pressure and axial loads of the closed tube. Furthermore, it is obtained that the stress propagation in dielectric semilinear hyperelastic solids is sensitive to the electric displacement field generated within the solids while the accompanying electric field interacts with the deformation of the solids. Finally, and among other things, the graphical illustration shows that the radial electric field generated within the tube increases with the increasing azimuthal stretch.

Dielectric, Finite Deformation, Electroelasticity, Cylindrical Tube, Hyperelasticity

Published online 8/10/2023, 11 pages
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Citation: Odunayo O. Fadodun, Bolanle A. Olokuntoye, Patrick O. Layeni and Adegbola P. Akinola, Finite electroelastic deformation of dielectric semilinear hyperelastic tubes, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 31, pp 336-346, 2023


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