The dynamics of circular arches with multiple damage

The dynamics of circular arches with multiple damage

Francesco CANNIZZARO, Ilaria FIORE, Annalisa GRECO, Salvatore CADDEMI, Ivo CALIO’

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Abstract. The governing equation of the dynamics of the planar inextensible Euler-Bernoulli arch with multiple damage is tackled in this study by employing the distributional approach. Precisely, the presence of impairments is modelled via cracks that can be effectively embedded in the governing equation by means of the Dirac’s delta generalised functions. The governing equation is defined over a unique integration domain. The proposed integration strategy leads to closed form expressions of the displacement mode shapes maintaining the size of the problem as that of the undamaged arch regardless the number of cracks located along the span. The latter advantage avoids the enforcement of continuity conditions at the discontinuous sections. The proposed solution extends the integration procedure proposed in the static context to the vibration analysis and allows determining the modal characteristics of damaged circular arches. The versatility of the obtained closed form solution allows a straightforward execution of parametric analyses and is here adopted to evaluate the sensitivity of the eigenproperties of the multi-cracked circular arch to the change of meaningful geometric and mechanical parameters.

Closed form Solution, Circular Cracked Arch, Vibration Analysis

Published online 3/17/2022, 6 pages
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Citation: Francesco CANNIZZARO, Ilaria FIORE, Annalisa GRECO, Salvatore CADDEMI, Ivo CALIO’, The dynamics of circular arches with multiple damage, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 26, pp 411-416, 2023


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