Nanomaterials and Safety Concerns to End Users


Nanomaterials and Safety Concerns to End Users

A. Ale, S. Municoy, J. Cazenave, M.F. Desimone

Nanomaterials (NM) are part of the daily life since decades, and the advantages that nanotechnology has brought to humanity in relation to the novel nanoproducts with unique properties are undeniable. However, concern about engineered NM has raised because of the lack of both regulation to the increasing production and safety assessments in users (with emphasis on workers). As robust evidence suggests toxic effects of NM on human health in case of exposure, this chapter aimed to describe not only the main applications and benefits of NM but also their fate, exposure pathway, and ultimate toxicological effects.

Applications, Engineered Nanomaterials, Environmental Fate, Exposure Pathway, Nanoparticles, Nanotoxicology

Published online 11/15/2022, 25 pages

Citation: A. Ale, S. Municoy, J. Cazenave, M.F. Desimone, Nanomaterials and Safety Concerns to End Users, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 135, pp 341-365, 2023


Part of the book on Emerging Nanomaterials and Their Impact on Society in the 21st Century

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