Experimental Study on Light Transmitting Concrete Using Plastic Optical Fiber

Experimental Study on Light Transmitting Concrete Using Plastic Optical Fiber

S. Loganayagan, A. Mohanraj, V. Hariharan, N. Praveen

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Abstract. The present study aims at manufacturing the concrete specimens by reinforcing optical fiber and scrutinizing it with the traditional concrete. The concrete specimens were subjected to totally different things such as compressive strength tests, light‐transmission tests, etc. The compressive strength results obtained for the semi transparent concrete specimens were virtually the same as that of the traditional concrete specimen. The results of the transmission take a look at were satisfactory because the Plastic Optical Fiber retained its potency. Thus, it’s evident that the transparency of the concrete structures are often introduced with the insertion of optical fiber while not compromising the strength, that may be a breakthrough to the aspiration of achieving some new feat in modern architecture.

Plastic Optical Fiber, Light Transmission, Traditional Concrete, Plastic Fiber

Published online , 8 pages
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Citation: S. Loganayagan, A. Mohanraj, V. Hariharan, N. Praveen, Experimental Study on Light Transmitting Concrete Using Plastic Optical Fiber, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 23, pp 1-8, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644901953-1

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