Advanced Functional Membranes for Water Purification


Advanced Functional Membranes for Water Purification

E. Kavitha, S. Vishali

Worldwide, the scarcity of water due to the contamination of water and water resources from human activities has become a challenge. To overcome this, we need adequate water treatment technologies. For the past few decades, research has becoming wider to innovate the advanced technologies for water purification. Several conventional methods have been adopted for water treatment. Extensive investigations have been done, and some are still in development to find an eco-friendly and feasible process for water purification. The advent of membrane separation processes has changed the scenario in the field of desalination and water treatment. The proper selection of membrane material and configuration could be an excellent approach towards water purification. This chapter deals with the various advanced functional membranes, the functionalization of membranes employed in UF, NF and membrane distillation. This chapter also deals with their applications in wastewater treatment.

Advanced Functional Membranes, UF, NF, Membrane Distillation, Water Purification

Published online 2/5/2022, 23 pages

Citation: E. Kavitha, S. Vishali, Advanced Functional Membranes for Water Purification, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 120, pp 214-236, 2022


Part of the book on Advanced Functional Membranes

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