On the Coriolis Effect for Internal Ocean Waves

On the Coriolis Effect for Internal Ocean Waves

Rossen Ivanov

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Abstract. A derivation of the Ostrovsky equation for internal waves with methods of the Hamiltonian water wave dynamics is presented. The internal wave formed at a pycnocline or thermocline in the ocean is influenced by the Coriolis force of the Earth’s rotation. The Ostrovsky equation arises in the long waves and small amplitude approximation and for certain geophysical scales of the physical variables.

Internal Waves, Hamiltonian, KdV Equation, Boussinesq Equation, Ostrovsky Equation, Tidal Motion

Published online , 6 pages
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Citation: Rossen Ivanov, On the Coriolis Effect for Internal Ocean Waves, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 20, pp 20-25, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644901731-3

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