Applications of Quantum Dots in Supercapacitors


Applications of Quantum Dots in Supercapacitors

Sanjeev Kumar Ujjain, Preety Ahuja

Quantum dots (QDs) are a new class of zero-dimensional (0D) nanomaterials having unique electronic and optical properties along with biocompatibility, chemical inertness, dispersibility in water, and high specific surface area that gives them potential for biological, optoelectronic and energy related applications. Among them, charge storage supercapacitor (SC) devices have been intensively studied as the nano-sized QDs act as an excellent interface to stimulate an enhanced interaction between electrode and electrolyte resulting in superior charge storage properties of the SC. In this chapter, the latest research progress on the five representative types of QDs namely carbon nanodots (CNDs), graphene QDs (GQDs), polymer QDs (PQDs), transition metal oxide (TMO) and dichalcogenide (TMD) QDs are comprehensively introduced and their influence on the final charge storage properties of supercapacitor devices is emphatically discussed in detail. Finally, a brief outlook is given, pointing out the challenges which remain to be settled before adoption of QDs can be of widespread utility for near future energy-functional devices.

Quantum Dots, Carbon and Graphene, Polymer Quantum Dots, Transition Metal Oxide, Supercapacitors

Published online 2/1/2020, 22 pages

Citation: Sanjeev Kumar Ujjain, Preety Ahuja, Applications of Quantum Dots in Supercapacitors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 96, pp 169-190, 2021


Part of the book on Quantum Dots

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