Role of Liposomes Composite as Drug Transport Mechanism


Role of Liposomes Composite as Drug Transport Mechanism

P. Senthil Kumar, P.R. Yaashikaa

Liposomes are spherical shaped vesicles comprising of at least one phospholipid bilayer that serve as a novel drug delivery framework. They are microscopic structures in which a fluid system is totally encased by a film made out of lipid bilayers. It varies in size, conformation, charge and drug transporter stacked with assortment of particles, for example, small molecules of drug, plasmids, nucleotides or proteins and so on. Ongoing advances in nanotherapeutics have brought about engineered liposomes rising in nanomedicine, giving better restorative control of diseased states. This has made ready for the improvement of second-stage liposomes for increased efficiency and could at last lead to a change in perspective from the regular drug delivery methods.

Drug Delivery, Liposomes, Methods and Mechanism, Target, Therapeutics

Published online 11/20/2020, 14 pages

Citation: P. Senthil Kumar, P.R. Yaashikaa, Role of Liposomes Composite as Drug Transport Mechanism, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 87, pp 230-243, 2021


Part of the book on Nanohybrids

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