The Concept of a Modular Integrated Test Stand for Testing Hydraulic Drive and Control Systems

The Concept of a Modular Integrated Test Stand for Testing Hydraulic Drive and Control Systems

GUZOWSKI Artur and SOBCZYK Andrzej

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Abstract. The paper presents proposals for the construction of a stand for testing elements of hydraulic drive systems. The presented solution is an excellent example which can be used to design and build such a system for companies or scientific centers that provides testing services for hydraulic pumps and motors. The article shows the demand of companies in Poland for the construction of test stands, necessary in the technical assessment of new and used elements, used in stationary stands and mobile working machines or vehicles. This approach clearly shows how to increase company’s competitiveness and implement a new service. The proposed high power station (up to 350 kW) allows for testing of elements in a wide range of volumetric flow rate (up to 500 dm3 / min) and working under high pressure (up to 50 MPa). The new modular solution enables any integrated configuration of the station, depending on the company’s needs.

Hydraulic Power and Control Systems Testing, Modular Construction, Integrated Test Stand, Control and Measurement System

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Citation: GUZOWSKI Artur and SOBCZYK Andrzej, The Concept of a Modular Integrated Test Stand for Testing Hydraulic Drive and Control Systems, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 43-49, 2020


The article was published as article 7 of the book Terotechnology XI

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