Graphene-Based Materials for Self-Healable Supercapacitors


Graphene-Based Materials for Self-Healable Supercapacitors

Ramyakrishna Pothu, Sashivinay Kumar Gaddam, S. Vadivel, Rajender Boddula

The self-healing supercapacitor (SHS) based on graphene has interesting physical and chemical properties, which has attracted wide attention and has been proven to have great application potential in the field of energy conversion and storage. In this chapter, we will focus on recent important aspects of the advances in the fabrication and application of graphene-based self-healable electrodes and electrolytes for flexible SHS. And also discusses the challenges and the direction needed for future development of graphene hybrids.

Graphene, Self-Healable Capacitor, Electrodes, Electrolytes, Composites

Published online 12/1/2020, 14 pages

Citation: Ramyakrishna Pothu, Sashivinay Kumar Gaddam, S. Vadivel, Rajender Boddula, Graphene-Based Materials for Self-Healable Supercapacitors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 64, pp 167-180, 2020


Part of the book on Graphene as Energy Storage Material for Supercapacitors

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