Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment


The book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment (ICMTME 2021).

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Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment
Eds. Sergey Bratan and Stanislav Roshchupkin
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 21
Publication Date 2022, 490 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-174-8 (release date February, 2022)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-175-5
DOI: 10.21741/9781644901755

The book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Modern Trends in Manufacturing Technologies and Equipment (ICMTME 2021). The conference participants came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, China, Algeria, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Vietnam. The aim of the conference was to provide scientists and industrial researchers with the latest developments in manufacturing technologies, materials research, manufacturing equipment and tools, and to build partnerships for future collaboration.

Welded Joints, Dry Building Mixtures, Tribological Properties of Sapphire, Direct Metal Deposition Modes, Production of Artificial Concrete, Wooden Structures, Rolls for Helical Rolling, Laser Treatments, Electromechanical Surfacing, Luminous Phosphate Coatings, Ventilated Brake Discs, Cutting Zone, Models for Wind Tunnels, Gas-Thermal Spraying, Water-Abrasive Cutting, Grinding Forces, CVD Coatings, Carbonate Concrete, Photocatalytic Activity of Tungsten Oxide, Maraging Steel, Corrosion of TiNi Alloy, 3D Printing, Production of Ultramarine, Injection Molding, Elastomeric Composites, Reinforcing Bars Inside Concrete Structures, Coatings for Cutting Tools, Hard Alloy Tools, Deformation of Elastic Polymer, Wearproof Composite Coatings. Rubber with Sensory Properties, Foamed Phosphate Glass for Oil Sorbents, Welded Trunk Pipelines, Biodegradable Extrusion Films, Asphalt Concrete, Mathematical Models, Electrically Conductive Materials, Belt Rotary Grinding of Aluminium Alloy Blanks


Table of Contents

Investigation of the Relationship of the Chemical, Phase Composition with the Mechanical Properties of the Transition Zone of the Welded Joint А182 + 321
V.B. Dementyev, A.A. Shushkov, S.L. Kim, V.V. Romanko

Estimating the Cost of Improving Quality in Production Dry Building Mixtures
Valentina Loganina, Tatiana Uchaeva, Maria Zaytseva

Tribological Properties of Sapphire under Dry Friction against Chromium and Zirconium Ceramics
Valery Alisin, Dmitry Gutsev

Investigation of the Influence of Direct Metal Deposition Modes on Microstructure and Formation of Defects in Samples of Heat Resistant Alloy
А.V. Balyakin, E.P. Zlobin, М.А. Oleynik, Е.S. Goncharov

Carbonized Steel-Smelting Slag Is a Promising Raw Material for the Production of Artificial Concrete
Igor Romanenko, Alexey Fadin, Maria Romanenko

Influence of Pressing Temperature on Wood Properties
Maria Romanenko

Method for Calculating the Shape of Rolls for Helical Rolling
Sergey Gorbatyuk, Boris Belelyubskii, Aleksei Karfidov, Sergey Snitko

Improving the Thermal Fatigue Strength of Hot-Working Tools by Laser Treatment
Nikolai A. Chichenev, Sergey M. Gorbatyuk, Oleg A. Kobelev, Aleksei N. Pashkov

Predicting the Thickness of the Hardening Coating during Diffusion Metallization of Cast Iron
Alexander Veselovsky, Irina Troyanovskaya, Valery Erofeev

Reducing the Fire Hazard of Wooden Structures
Asgat Gazizov, Aisylu Sagitova, Anton Krasnov

Electromechanical Surfacing Technique
Alla Gerasimova, Alexey Karfidov, Boris Belelybskii, Kirill Goloshapov

Obtaining Luminous Phosphate Coatings on Steel by Cold Method
Viktoriya S. Konovalova, Varvara E. Rumyantseva

Effect of Heat Treatment on Structural and Mechanical Properties of Alloyed Fused Alumina
Yu. Bagaiskov, N. Ushakov

Effect of UV-Irradiation and Ozone Exposure on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of PLA/LDPE Films
Maria Podzorova, Yulia Tertyshnaya, Anastasia Khramkova, Alina Ivanitskikh

Surface Morphology Investigations of Nanocrystalline R2Fe14B (R = Y, Nd, Gd, Er) by Atomic Force Microscopy
Ivan Pelevin, Dmitriy Ozherelkov, Tatiana Kaminskaya, Irina Tereshina

The Improvement of the Operational Characteristics of the Ventilated Front Brake Discs
Denis Boldyrev, Maxim Kharchenko, Sergey Nefedyev, Elena Suvorova

Diagnostics of Polymer Composite Materials by Waveguide Method
German V. Dmitrienko, Dmitry V. Mukhin, Aleksandr A. Fedorov

Mechanism and Kinetics of Thermal Embrittlement of Austenitic Chromium-Nickel Steel during Long-Term High-Temperature Holding
Kirill A. Okhapkin

Plastic Folding of Bar Stocks of Round and Barrel-Shaped Sections
O.S. Zhelezkov, A.A. Laktyushin, R.R. Dema, B.B. Makarov

Locomotive Reliability Assessment Method
Pavel Gubarev, Dmitry Glazunov, Vladimir Krotov

Investigation of the Efficiency of Manufacturing Polymer Molds by FDM-Printing
Oleg Krupennikov, Mihail Nazarov, Evgeniy Kiselev

Improving the Efficiency of Turning Processing of Heat-Resistant Alloys by Introducing Ultrasonic Field Energy into the Cutting Zone
Aleksandr Khramov, Maksim Gorchcov, Nguyen Khan Toan, Evgeniy Kiselev

Methodology for the Study of Residual Temperature Stresses in the Butt Contour of a Welded Joint Made of Carbon and High-Alloy Structural Steels during Multi-Pass Welding
Lubov Mironova, Ruslan Nigay, Elena Yakusheva

Investigation of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of ABS Plastic for the Additive FDM Process in the Manufacture of Models for Experiments in Wind Tunnels
Alexander Volkhonsky, Kirill Dudkov, Reza Norollahisomarin

Development the Graphical Method of Calculating Structural Elements for Fixing a Gear in a Self-Centering Chuck through the Involute
Alexander S. Serkov

Investigation of the Orientational Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Extrusion Films Based on Polyolefins and Beet Pulp
Anton M. Kuzmin, Alexander A. Shabarin, Sachin S. Raj

The Use of Polymer Materials in the Composition of Asphalt Concrete
К.G. Pugin, O.V. Yakontseva, V.К. Salakhova, A.M. Burgonutdinov

About One of the Approaches for the Research of the Stress-Strain State of a Flange Connection with a Seal Made of an Alloy with Shape Memory
Andrey Boikov, Lubov Mironova, Sergey Shishkin

Theoretical Justification of Coating Adhesion during Gas-Thermal Spraying
Yuri A. Kuznetsov, Michael F. Selemenev, Igor N. Kravchenko, Alexander V. Spasibin, Grigory B. Pankov

Development of Abrasive Grain Coating Technology Protective Polymer Casing for Water-Abrasive Cutting
Olga G. Kozhus, Gennady V. Barsukov, Larisa Yu. Frolenkova, Evgeny R. Arkhipov, Alexander A. Kazarin

Analysis of Magnetic Forces in the Working Clearance with Magnetic-Abrasive Treatment of Inductors on Standing Magnets
A.M. Ikonnikov, S.L. Leonov, D.E. Solomin, A.A. Kulakov

Change in Properties of Bitumen Used for Road Construction in Bitumineral Mixtures
К.G. Pugin, O.V. Yakontseva, V.К. Salakhova, K. Yu. Tyuryukhanov

Tool Bits with Elastic Damping Inserted Elements Formed by Semi-Inserts with Different Rigidity
Sergey G. Novikov, Vitaliy V. Malykhin, Sergey A. Chevychelov, Fedor V. Novikov

Analytical and Experimental Study of Grinding Forces with Flap Wheels
Alexander N. Unyanin, Wladimir S. Chistjakov

Forming of Composite Cutting Layer on Tool Steel by Heat Treatment of CVD Coatings
Irina Belashova, Larisa Petrova, Peter Demin, Mikhail Prokofyev

Nitriding of High Speed Steel for Improvement of Tools Resistance
Larisa Petrova, Victor Vdovin, Peter Demin, Alexandra Sergeeva

Dynamic Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Beams Made of Carbonate Concrete
Vladimir Belov, Pavel Kuliaev, Temur Barkaya

Studies of Highly Dispersed Titanium Carbide Powder Obtained from Scrap Tungstenless Cemented Carbide Alloys
V. Gavrish, T. Chayka, N. Cherkashina, O. Gavrish

Studies of the Influence of Temperature on the Photocatalytic Activity of Tungsten Oxide
N. Derbasova, V. Gavrish, T. Chayka, O. Gavrish

On the Chemical Heterogeneity of Austenite in Maraging Steel
T.M. Makhneva, V.B. Dementyev

Analysis of the Corrosion Behavior of the TiNi Alloy in the Coarse-Grained State
Anna Churakova, Elina Kayumova, Evgeni Vorobiev, Nafisul Haque

Why we Need a Heated Chamber for 3D Printing with ‘High Performance’ Polymers?
Evgeny Boytsov, Sergei Blaginin, Alexey Sinkov

Contemporary Methods for Production of Ultramarine
A.V. Vyboishchik, M.Yu. Popov

Injection Molding Technology
Dmitry A. Kurasov

Elastomeric Composites Surface Structure Study by Scanning Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy
Yu. V. Kornev, H.H. Valiev, A.N. Vlasov, Yu. N. Karnet, N.A. Semenov

Oscillatory Changes in Structural Characteristics in Multicomponent Ceramics, YBCO
Boris Kodess, Pavel Kodess

Impact of Machining and Phase Composition Change of Titanium Alloyed with Molybdenum
Boris Kodess, German Teterin, Pavel Kodess, Nikolay Dormidontov

Testing and Diagnostics of Carbon Polymer Composite Materials by Radio Wave Method Used in Aircraft Construction
German V. Dmitrienko, Dmitry V. Mukhin, Aleksandr A. Fedorov

The Pusher as an Object of the Simulation Model in the Tasks of Studying Cyclic Mechanisms Dynamics
Viktor V. Telegin, Igor V. Telegin

Determining the Diameter of Reinforcing Bars Inside Concrete Structures Regardless of Magnetic Properties
Alexey V. Mikhailov, Yuri L. Gobov, Leonid V. Mikhailov

Influence of Acid-Activated Micro-Dispersed Additive on the Properties of Cement Sulphate-Resistant Compositions
Victoria Petropavlovskaya, Tatiana Novichenkova, Kirill Petropavlovskii, Maria Zavadko

Thermal Treatment of Carbidostals TiC – I2XI8H10T
Leonid M. Savinykh, Stanislav Y. Pomyalov, Tatyana A. Dudorova, Tamara A. Verzhbalovich

Algorithm Synthesis of Controlling a Transport Unit of a Coextrusion Flexible Manufacturing Section for Processing Multicomponent Materials
Valery V. Dyadichev, Sergey S. Stoyanchenko, Roman L. Plomodyalo, Aleksandr V. Dyadichev

Development of a Method for Obtaining a Wear-Resistant Coating for a Cutting Tool
A.E. Litvinov, V.U. Buzko, E.Yu.O. Balaev, A.I. Goryachko

Automatic Control System for Bodies of Revolution Processing
Oleg I. Drachev, Boris M. Gorshkov, Natalia S. Samokhina

Model of Filling the Internal Structure of Workpiece with Curved Layers for 3D Printing
A.N. Grechukhin, V.V. Kuts

Investigation of Electromagnetic Properties of Tool Hard Alloys under the Influence of High Temperatures
E.V. Artamonov, A.M. Tveryakov, A.S. Shtin

Control of Deformation of Elastic Polymer-Abrasive Circles at their Wear
Dmitriy Podashev

Wearproof Composite Coatings on Ti
Dmitry V. Mashtalyar, Konstantine V. Nadaraia, Evgeny A. Belov, Sergey N. Suchkov, Arina I. Pleshkova, Sergey L. Sinebrukhov, Sergey V. Gnedenkov

Additive Technologies in the Production of Vehicle Rubber with Sensory Properties
Evgeniy V. Stepanov, Marek Schmidt, Dennis Bäcker, Anton V. Tumasov

Development of an Experimental Robotic Complex for Direct Metal Deposition and Testing of Deposition Modes for Heat-Resistant Powder Material
Maxim Oleynik, Alexander Khaimovich, Andrey Balyakin

Modern Technologies for Producing Foamed Phosphate Glass for Oil Sorbents
K.G. Karapetyan, D.O. Sobyanina

Influence of Grain Shape in Grinding Wheels on the Machining Quality of Bearing Rings
Alexander Korotkov, Vitaly Korotkov, Nikolay Prokaev

Towards Electron-Beam-Driven Soft / Polymer Fiber Microrobotics for Vacuum Conditions
OIeg V. Gradov, Margaret A. Gradova, Irina A. Maklakova, Svetlana N. Kholuiskaya

Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Metamaterials Defined as “Mass-in-Mass” and “Damper-in-Mass” Chains
Daniil A. Kolesov, Vladimir I. Erofeev, Alexey O. Malkhanov, Ashot V. Shekoyan

Influence of Internal Defects of Basic Metal of the Equipment on Its Operational Properties
S.I. Valeev

Investigation of Structure and Physical-Mechanical Properties of Metal in Different Zones of Welded Trunk Pipelines Made of X80 Strength Grade Steel
Evgeniia Putilova, Sergey Zadvorkin, Kristina Kryucheva

Automatic Registration of the Nascence and Propagation of Cracks in Electrically Conductive Materials
Vyacheslav M. Kiiko, Kirill A. Khvostunkov, Konstantin A. Fedotov

Investigation of the Operational and Technological Reliability of the Small-size Internal Threading Process
Aleksander Kharchenko, Andrey Kharchenko, Ekaterina Vladetskaya

Influence of the Technology of Obtaining the Material of the Cathode of the Cu – Fe System at the Depth of Penetration of Ions into the Titanium Target
Viktor V. Ovchinnikov, Elena V. Luk’yanenko, Irina A. Kurbatova, Svetlana V. Yakutina, Nadezda V. Uchevatkina

Influence of Heat Treatment on Structure and Durometric Properties of Coatings Obtained by Surfacing with CSR-04СR27NI7MO3CU2Т Cast Rods
Aleksandr Nazarko, Roman Plomodyalo

Assessment of a Heterogeneous Environment
Alexander Zverovshchikov

Features of the Grinding Technology with the Use of Nanomodified Coolant
Igor I. Artemov, Vladimir D. Krevchik, Sergey A. Nesterov, Dmitry A. Akimov, Natalia E. Artemova

The Structure and Properties of Ceramics, Obtained from Mixtures of the System ZrO2–Al–C
S.I. Dzhelialov

Evaluation of the Manufacturability of “Shaft”–Type Parts with the Use of Complex Methods
Aleksey Sychugov, Yulia Frantsuzova, Vladimir Salnikov

Effect of Process Modes on Tangential Component of Cutting Force during Belt Rotary Grinding of Aluminium Alloy Blanks D 16
Tatiana Stadnik, Denis Sidorov, Ilyas Temindarov, Pavel Novikov

About the Editors

Prof. Sergey Bratan is a head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sevastopol State University. His research interests include technological bases of quality assurance and improvement of stability of finish and fine grinding. He has made an important contribution into the development of a probabilistic approach for the modeling of  abrasive operations of materials machining. Within 40 years of research work he has led many national research projects. In 2019, he was awarded the title of Professor of the Year at Sevastopol State University.


Dr. Stanislav Roshchupkin is an assistant professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sevastopol State University. His research interests include additive manufacturing and abrasive methods of machining of non-metallic materials. He received a PhD in 2011 at Sevastopol State Technical University and MBA in 2019 at Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS). He also has extensive work experience at various manufacturing enterprises on in engineering and management positions.