Advances in Wastewater Treatment I
Eds. Kinjal Shah and Vimal Gandhi
Materials Research Foundations Vol. 91
Publication Date 2021, 258 Pages
Color Print ISBN 978-1-64490-114-4 (release date February 2021)
ePDF 978-1-64490-115-1
DOI: 10.21741/9781644901144

The book presents new materials and methods for waste water treatments; including advanced oxidation processes, membrane technologies, detection and removal of heavy metals and organic compounds, and the use of nanomaterials, low cost adsorbents and bio flocculants.

Wastewater Treatment, Organic Molecule Degradation, Bio Flocculants, Coagulants, Pyrene, Pharmaceutical Compounds, Photocatalytic Degradation, Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide, Arsenic Removal, Membrane Technology, Activated Charcoal, Adsorbent Derived from Egg Shells, Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Colorimetric Analysis, Luminescence, Spectroscopy, Atomic Absorption, Mass Spectrometric and Biosensor Based Techniques


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Table of Contents

Introduction to Conventional Wastewater Treatment Technologies: Limitations and Recent Advances
Gangaraju Gedda, Kolli Balakrishna, Randhi Uma Devi, Kinjal J Shah

Advanced Oxidation Processes for Wastewater Remediation: Fundamental Concepts to Recent Advances
T.S. Rajaraman, Vimal Gandhi, S.P. Parikh

Degradation of Pharmaceutical Pollutants under UV Light using TiO2 Nanomaterial Synthesized through Reverse Micelle Nanodomains
K.S. Varma, B. Bharatiya, R.J. Tayade, A.D. Shukla, P.A. Joshi, Vimal Gandhi

Treatment and Analysis of Arsenic Contaminated Water
Arup K. Ghosh1

The Applicability of Eggshell Waste as a Sustainable Biosorbent Medium in Wastewater Treatment – A Review
P. Musonge, C. Harripersadth

Removal of PAHs from Wastewater Using Powdered Activated Carbon: A Case Study
Zhaoyang You, Dongjian Cai, Jiaqing Tao, Kinjal J. Shah, Haiyang Xu

New Class of Flocculants and Coagulants
Yongjun Sun, Shengbao Zhou, Kinjal J. Shah


About the Editors

Dr. Kinjal J. Shah
Associate Professor,
College of Urban Construction,
Department of Municipal Engineering,
Nanjing Tech University (NTU),
Nanjing, China 218816.
M: +86 13072541186, Email:;

Dr. Kinjal J. Shah is an Associate Professor in the department of Municipal Engineering, Nanjing Tech University (NTU-China), he is also working as a visiting researcher at Carbon Cycle Research Center (CCRC), National Taiwan University (NTU-Taiwan). He completed his Ph.D. in the field of applied science from Graduate Institute of Applied Science, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan in 2015. He has started his research carrier in 2009 from Shah Schulman Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology (SSCSSNT), DDU, India. During his last 10 years of research carrier, he has published more than 30 SCI papers and 3 book chapters to International accredited journals. He has received leading Young Scientist award from Society of Polymer Science Japan in 2019, Japan. One of his research was nominated by ENI award, 2019, in category of “Advance Environmental Solutions”.  In addition, he has received many domestic and international awards from different societies and institutional bodies. He has been invited as lead speaker to many international accredited conferences.

His current interests are in the field of green chemistry and nano technology for sustainable environment. At present, his lab is developing technologies for advanced gas adsorption, and water purification technologies. He is serving as associate editorial board member in “Current Analytical Chemistry” journal, Bentham Science.

Dr. Vimal G. Gandhi
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Dharmsinh Desai University (DDU),
Nadiad-387 001 (Gujarat) India.

Dr. Gandhi is, presently working as Associate Professor, with Department of Chemical Engineering, Dharmsinh Desai University since last 20 years. He received his Ph.D. in the area of Application of Nanotechnology in Environmental Engineering from Dharmsinh Desai University in 2011. He is serving as an Independent Director of BEIL Infrastructure Limited and Enviro Technology Limited (ETL) in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India.

In the field of research and consultancy, he has guided several graduates and undergraduate students for their project work. He has more than 20 publications/presentation in international/national reputed journals and conferences to his credit. He edited one book on -“Photocatalytic nanomaterials for Environmental Applications” published by Material Research Forum, LLC- USA. His current interests are in the field of environmental engineering and synthesis of nanomaterials. He also organized various training programme for chemical industries in Gujarat including GNFC, PI Industries, Huntsman, Transpek Silox etc.