Residual Stresses 2018 – ECRS-10, color print, paperback


The European Conference on Residual Stresses (ECRS) series is the leading European forum for scientific exchange on internal and residual stresses in materials. It addresses both academic and industrial experts and covers a broad gamut of stress-related topics from instrumentation via experimental and modelling methodology up to stress problems in specific processes such as welding or shot-peening, and their impact on materials properties.

Residual Stresses 2018
Ed. Marc Seefeldt
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 6
Publication Date 2018, 312 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-945291-88-3 (release date October 5th, 2018)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-945291-89-0
DOI: 10.21741/9781945291890

The European Conference on Residual Stresses (ECRS) series is the leading European forum for scientific exchange on internal and residual stresses in materials. It addresses both academic and industrial experts and covers a broad gamut of stress-related topics from instrumentation via experimental and modelling methodology up to stress problems in specific processes such as welding or shot-peening, and their impact on materials properties.
Chapters: Diffraction Methods; Mechanical Relaxation Methods; Acoustic and Electromagnetic Methods; Composites, Nano and Microstructures; Films, Coatings and Oxides; Cold Working and Machining; Heat Treatments and Phase Transformations; Welding, Fatigue and Fracture: Stresses in Additive Manufacturing.

Residual Stresses Determination, Internal Stresses in Materials, Diffraction Methods, Mechanical Relaxation Methods, Acoustic and Electromagnetic Methods, Composite Materials, Nanomaterials, Thin Films, Coatings, Oxides, Cold Working, Machining, Heat Treatment, Phase Transformations, Welding, Fatigue Stresses, Fracture: Stresses, Neutron Strain Scanning, Duplex Steel Bending, Plastic Deformation, X-Ray Micro-Diffraction, Submerged Arc Welding, Metal Cutting, Laser Cladding, Shot-Peened Tool Steel, Hole Drilling Stresses, Cast Iron, Thermal Surface Treatment, Mechanical Surface Treatment, Bones under Tensile Load, Synchrotron Diffraction Characterization, Oxide Scales on Stainless Steel, PVD Coating Stresses, Laser Local Quenching, Bending Fatigue, Bearing Fatigue Life, Weld Imperfections, Multi-Layer Welds, Nickel Based Superalloys, Laser Heat Treatment, Laser Beam Melting

Table of Contents (all papers are OPEN ACCESS / click on any title to see the full abstract and PDF)

Single Tilt Method for Residual Stress Evaluation with 2D Detectors
B.B. He

Use of Symmetry for Residual Stress Determination
R.C. Wimpory, M. Hofmann

Neutron Strain Scanning of Duplex Steel Subjected to 4-Point-Bending with Particular Regard to the Strain Free Lattice Parameter D0
S. Pulvermacher, J. Gibmeier, J. Saroun, J. Rebelo Kornmeier, F. Vollert, T. Pirling

Plastic Deformation of InSb Micro-Pillars: A Comparative Study Between Spatially Resolved Laue and Monochromatic X-Ray Micro-Diffraction Maps
T. Sadat, M. Verezhak, P. Godard, P.O. Renault, S. Van Petegem, V. Jacques, A. Diaz, D. Grolimund, L. Thilly

In-Situ Analysis of Material Modifications During Deep Rolling by Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Experiments
H. Meyer, J. Epp

Residual Stresses Induced in T Butt Welds from Submerged Arc Welding of High Strength Thick Section Steel Members
G.W. Sloan, S. Pearceb, V.M. Linton, X. Ficquet, E. Kingston, I. Brown

In-Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Studies in the Chip Formation Zone During Orthogonal Metal Cutting
J. Gibmeier, D. Kiefer, R. Hofsaess, N. Schell

Development of Residual Stresses During Laser Cladding
A. Narayanan, M. Mostafavi, M. Pavier, M. Peeld

Round Robin Study on Residual Stresses Using X-Ray Diffraction for Shot-Peened Tool Steel Specimens
J. Holmberg, M. Palosaari, S. Hosseini, H. Larjosuo, P. Andersson

Convergence Behavior in Line Profile Analysis Using Convolutional Multiple Whole-Profile Software
M. Kumagai, T. Uchida, K. Murasawa, M. Takamura, Y. Ikeda, H. Suzuki, Y. Otake, T. Hama, S. Suzuki

High-Resolution Neutron Diffraction Setting for Studies of Macro- and Microstrains in Polycrystalline Materials
P. Mikula, M. Rogante, J. Šaroun, M. Vrána

Stress Measurements of Coarse Grain Materials using Double Exposure Method with Hard Synchrotron X-Rays
K. Suzuki, T. Shobu, A. Shiro

Study of Error Analysis and Sources of Uncertainty in the Measurement of Residual Stresses by the X-Ray Diffraction
E.T. Carvalho Filho, J.T.N. Medeiros, L.G. Martinez, V.C. Pinto

A Procedure for Plasticity Error Correction for Determination of Residual Stresses by the ESPI-HD Method
L. Lobanov, F.A.P. Fernandes, V. Savitsky

Hole Drilling Residual Stress Evaluations in Cast Iron
M. Lundberg, L. Elmquist

Residual Stresses in Railway Axles
Ř. Bohuslav, V. Jaroslav, N. Tomáš, D. Halabuk

Residual Stress Measurement of the Engineering Plastics by the Hole-Drilling Strain-Gage Method
A. Kohri, T. Mikami, Y. Suzuki

Micromagnetic Analysis of Residual Stress Distribution in 42CrMo4 Steel after Thermal and Mechanical Surface Treatment
I. Bobrov, J. Epp, H.-W. Zoch

In Situ Mechanical Behavior of Regenerating Rat Calvaria Bones Under Tensile Load via Synchrotron Diffraction Characterization
A. Zaouali, B. Girault, D. Gloaguen, F. Jordana, M.-J. Moya, P.-A. Dubos, V. Geoffroy, M. Schwartzkopf, T. Snow, H. Gupta, O. Shebanova, K. Schneider, B. Chang

Residual Stress Analysis in the Oxide Scales Formed on 316L Stainless Steel at 700 °C under Humid Air
L. Linwei, J. Vincent

Evaluation of Residual Stresses in PVD Coatings by means of Tubular Substrate Length Variation
H. Lille, A. Ryabchikov, J. Kõo, E. Adoberg, V. Mikli, J. Kübarsepp, P. Peetsalu

Distinguishing Effect of Buffing Operation on Surface Residual Stress Distribution and Susceptibility of 304L SS and 321 SS Welds to Chloride Induced SCC
P.S. Kumar, K. Mankari, S.G. Acharyya

Comparison of Different Methods of Residual Stress Determination of Cold-Rolled Austenitic-Ferritic, Austenitic and Ferritic Steels
J. Čapek, K. Trojan, J. Němeček, N. Ganev, K. Kolařík

Effects of Cutting Parameters on the Residual Stresses of SAE 1045 Steel after Turning
V.C. Pinto, E.T. de Carvalho Filho, J.T.N. de Medeiros

Characterization of Residual Stresses and Retained Austenite on 416 Stainless Steel via X-Ray Diffraction Techniques
T. Simmons, G. Grodzicki, J. Pineault, J. Taptich, M. Belassel, J. Nantais, M. Brauss

Comparison of Nondestructive Stress Measurement Techniques for Determination of Residual Stresses in the Heat Treated Steels
H. Hizli, C.H. Gür

Evolution of Microstructure and Residual Stress in Hot Rolled Ti-6Al-4V Plates Subjected to Different Heat Treatment Conditions
W. Rae, S. Rahimi

Influence of Surface Pretreatment on Residual Stress Field of Heat-Treated Steel Induced by Laser Local Quenching
Y. Sakaida, Y. Sasaki, H. Owashi

Residual Stress Formation in Component Related Stress Relief Cracking Tests of a Welded Creep-Resistant Steel
M. Rhode, A. Kromm, D. Schroepfer, J. Steger, T. Kannengiesser

In-Situ Determination of Critical Welding Stresses During Assembly of Thick-Walled Components made of High-Strength Steel
D. Schroepfer, A. Kromm, A. Hannemann, T. Kannengiesser

Reviewing the Influence of Welding Setup on FE-Simulated Welding Residual Stresses
S. Gkatzogiannis, P. Knoedel, T. Ummenhofer

Effect of Dengeling on Bending Fatigue Behaviour of Al Alloy 7050 and Comparison with Milling and Shot Peening
R.L. Peng, L. Selegård, M. Jonsson, M. Ess, G. Petersén

Analysis of Residual Stress State in Deep-Rolled HT-Bolts
J. Unglaub, J. Hensel, R. Wimpory, T. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger, K. Thiele

Comparing the Influence of Residual Stresses in Bearing Fatigue Life at Line and Point Contact
T. Coors, F. Pape, G. Poll

Limitations and Recommendations for the Measurement of Residual Stresses in Welded Joints
T.N. Nitschke-Pagel

Experimental and Computational Analysis of Residual Stress and Mechanical Hardening in Welded High-Alloy Steels
N. Hempel, T. Nitschke-Pagel, J. Rebelo-Kornmeier, K. Dilger

Residual Stress Redistribution During Elastic Shakedown in Fillet Welded Plate
J.R. Chukkan, G. Wu, M.E. Fitzpatrick, X. Zhang, J. Kelleher

Modelling the Welding Process of an Orthotropic Steel Deck
E. Van Puymbroeck, N. Iqbal, H. De Backer

Strength Calculation of Stiffened Structures Taking Into Consideration Realistic Weld Imperfections
C. Stapelfeld, B. Launert, H. Pasternak, N. Doynov, V. Michailov

Contribution to Simplified Residual Stress Calculations of Multi-Layer Welds
J. Klassen, T. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger

Residual Stresses in Selective Laser Melted Samples of a Nickel Based Superalloy
A. Kromm, S. Cabeza, T. Mishurova, N. Nadammal, T. Thiede, G. Bruno

Evaluation of In-Process Laser Heat Treatment on the Stress Conditions in Laser Metal Deposited Stellite® 21
G.L. Payne, I. Violatos, S. Fitzpatrick, D. Easton, J. Walker

Residual Stresses Analysis in AISI 316L Processed by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Treated by Mechanical Post-Processing Treatments
Q. Portella, M. Chemkhi, D. Retraint

Analytical Model for Distortion Prediction in Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing
J.R. Hönnige, P. Colegrove, S. Williams

An Analytical Method for Predicting Residual Stress Distribution in Selective Laser Melted/Sintered Alloys
D. Boruah, X. Zhang, M. Doré

Determination of the X-Ray Elastic Constants of the Ti-6Al-4V Processed by Powder Bed-Laser Beam Melting
N. Dumontet, G. Geandier, F. Galliano, B. Viguier, B. Malard

About the Editors

Agnieszka SZCZOTOK, M.Eng., Ph.D.

is an assistant professor in the Institute of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, Silesian University of Technology, Katowice, Poland.    She has scientific interests in: modern methods of materials characterization, an image analysis application, a quantitative description of the materials structures and statistics in materials science analysis.


Jacek PIETRASZEK, M.Eng., Ph.D., D.Sc.

is an associate professor in the Department of Software Engineering and Applied Statistics, Cracow University of Technology, Krakow, Poland.       He has scientific interests in the experimental design methodology in a mechanical engineering, applied statistics and data mining with artificial intelligence support.


Norbert RADEK M.Eng., Ph.D., D.Sc.

is an associate professor in the Centre for Laser Technologies of Metals, Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, Poland.          He has scientific interests in the materials science with a focus on a special coatings of a surface layer modified with a laser beam and their technological capabilities in a machine building.