Metal oxide/hydroxide based materials for supercapacitors


Metal oxide/hydroxide based materials for supercapacitors

S. Narayanan, R. Joseph

Supercapacitors are promising materials in energy storage and conversion devices with high power densities. They have emerged as significant and beneficial resource in daily life because of their potential applications in electric and hybrid electric vehicles owing to their better energy storage and ease of delivery of stored energy. In this chapter, we focus on advanced research steps towards the various metal oxide/hydroxide based supercapacitor materials. As electrode materials, transition metal oxides/hydroxides exhibit a high specific capacitance, leading to high energy densities make them viable candidates for supercapacitor applications.

Supercapacitor, Metal oxides, Hydroxides, Specific capacitance

Published online 1/15/2018, 48 pages


Part of Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Capacitors

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