Parallel plate waveguide with isotropic chiral medium route to metamaterial



Abstract. Theoretical study of electromagnetic wave propagation in parallel plate waveguide with isotropic chiral medium is presented. This research work is based on the algebraic formulation of Maxwell equations according to the A formalism of constitutive relations. The dispersion modal equations is obtained and solved, the results of these equations confirmed the specificity of the bifurcation modes. The effect of chirality parameter ( ), is considered when , (where , and are respectively relative permeability and permittivity and chirality parameter). Results demonstrate the phenomena of backward waves in isotropic chiral medium.

Isotropic Chiral, Metamaterial, Backward Wave

Published online 12/10/2016, 4 pages
Copyright © 2016 by the author(s)
Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA
Citation: S. AIB, F. BENABDELAZIZ, C. EDDINE ZEBIRI, Z. MEZACHE, ‘Parallel plate waveguide with isotropic chiral medium route to metamaterial’, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 1, pp 203-206, 2016

The article was published as article 51 of the book Dielectric Materials and Applications

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