Residual Stresses 2016 – ICRS-10, eBook PDF OPEN ACCESS


Eds. Thomas M. Holden, Ondrej Muránsky, Lyndon Edwards

This ebook presents the proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Residual Stresses which was devoted to the prediction/modelling, evaluation, control, and application of residual stresses over a wide range of applications.

Residual Stresses 2016
Eds. Thomas M. Holden, Ondrej Muránsky, Lyndon Edwards
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 2
Publication Date 2017, 630 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-94529116-6 
ePDF ISBN 978-1-94529117-3
DOI: 10.21741/9781945291173

This book presents the proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Residual Stresses which was devoted to the prediction/modelling, evaluation, control, and application of residual stresses over a wide range of applications. New developments on stress-measurement techniques, on the modelling and prediction of residual stresses and on progress made in the fundamental understanding of the nature of residual stresses are highlighted. The proceedings offer an overview of the current understanding of how residual stresses affect the properties of materials, components and structures.

Residual Stresses, Advanced Materials, Measurement Methods, Modelling Methods, Management and Control, Residual Stress Engineering, Manufacturing Processes,  Components and Structures, Life Assessment

Table of Contents (all papers are OPEN ACCESS / click on title to see full abstract and PDF)

Front Matter

Numerical Investigation of Residual Stresses in Chain-die Formed AHSS U-Channels
Y. Sun, Z. Qian, V. Luzin, W.J.T Daniel, M. Zhang, S. Ding

Quasi-static Process Modelling of Deep Cold Rolling on Ti-6Al-4V
A. Lim, S. Castagne, C.C. Wong

Effect of Cooling and Shot Peening on Residual Stresses and Fatigue Performance of Milled Inconel 718
Z. Chen, R.L. Peng, J. Moverare, O. Widman, D. Gustafsson, S. Johansson

Effect of Ultrasonic Peening on Residual Stresses at a T-Butt Weld Toe
A.K. Hellier, B.G. Prusty, G.M. Pearce, M. Reid, A.M. Paradowska, P. Simons

Structural Engineering Studies on Reinforced Concrete Structure using Neutron Diffraction
H. Suzuki, K. Kusunoki, M. Kanematsu, T. Mukai, S. Harjo

Stress Analysis of the Bi-Metallic Coins – a Potential Shrink Fit Ring & Plug Standard
S. Olsen, V. Luzin

Residual Stress Measurements Inside a Small Inner Diameter Hole at Low Bragg Angle Using X-Ray Diffraction Technique
M. Belassel, J. Pineault, M. Brauss

Comparison of Residual Stress Measurement Techniques and Implementation Using X-Ray Diffraction
M. Belassel, J. Pineault, N. Caratanasov, M. Brauss

Residual Stress Field Prediction in Shot Peened Mechanical Parts with Complex Geometries
M. Gelineau, L. Barrallier, E. Rouhaud, R. Kubler, Q. Puydt

Comparison of Two X-Ray Residual Stress Measurement Methods: Sin2 ψ and Cos α, Through the Determination of a Martensitic Steel X-Ray Elastic Constant
D. Delbergue, D. Texier, M. Lévesque, P. Bocher

Residual Stress Measurement of Ti-Metal Samples by Means of XRD with Ti and Cu Radiation
L. Suominen, T. Rickert, S. Send

Residual Stresses in Uniaxial Cyclic Loaded Pearlitic Lamellar Graphite Iron
M. Lundberg, J. Saarimäki, R.L. Peng, J.J. Moverare

3D Residual Stresses in Selective Laser Melted Hastelloy X
J. Saarimäki, M. Lundberg, J.J. Moverare, H. Brodin

Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses Induced by Weld Repair in a Stainless Steel Pipe Considering the Influence of an Initial Fabrication Weld
G. Salerno, C. Bennett, W. Sun, A.A. Becker

Analysis of Residual Stress Relaxation Under Mechanical Cyclic Loading of Shot-Peened TRIP780 Steel
C. Mauduit, R. Kubler, L. Barrallier, S. Berveiller, Q. Puydt, M. Monin, B. Weber

Validation of XRD Stress Analyses Combining in-situ Tests and Integrated Peak Processing
B. Voillot, R. Billardon, J.L. Lebrun, F. Hild

Residual Stresses in Modelling Fatigue Lifetime of Gas Nitrided Iron-Based Alloys
H. Weil, L. Barrallier, S. Jégou, A. Courleux, G. Beck

Comparison of X-Ray Residual Stress Measurement Values by Cos α Method and Sin2 Ψ Method
A. Kohri, Y. Takaku, M. Nakashiro

Residual Stress Influence on the Flexural Buckling of Welded I-Girders
B. Launert, M. Rhode, A. Kromm, H. Pasternak, T. Kannengiesser

Measurement of Highly Non-uniform Residual Stress Fields in Thin Plate Using a New Side Cut Destructive Method
H.K. Kim, M.J. Pavier, A. Shterenlikht

Evaluation of Residual Stress in the Hot Forming Process Using Hole Drilling
M.J. Azizpour, H. Fattahi

Through Thickness Residual Stress and Microstructural Mapping of AA7085-T7452 Die Forging
P.S. Baburamani, K.F. Walker, P.K. Sharp , J. Niclis, A. Shekhter

Validation of Neutron Diffraction and the Incremental Deep Hole Drilling Residual Stress Measurements of a High Strength T Butt Weld Test Piece Using the Contour Residual Stress Measurement Technique
G. Sloan, X. Ficquet, D. Cave, K. Serasli, E. Kingston, V. Linton

Cementite Residual Stress Analysis in Gas-nitrided Low Alloy Steels
L. Barrallier, S. Goekjian, F. Guittonneau, S. Jégou

Residual Stress Measurement in a High Strength T Butt Weld Specimen by the Neutron Diffraction and Deep Hole Drilling Techniques
G.W. Sloan, V.M. Linton, O. Kirstein, X. Ficquet, E. Kingston

The Residual Stress Effect on the Shape Memory Polymers
A. Kallel, M. Lamraoui, J. Fitoussi, A. Tcharkhtchi

Residual Stress Measurements of Alumina-Zirconia Ceramics by Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction
K. Fan, J. Ruiz-Hervias, J. Gurauskis, C. Baudin

Combining Sectioning Method and X Ray Diffraction for Evaluation of Residual Stresses in Welded High Strength Steel Components
A. Kromm, M. Rhode, B. Launert, J. Dixneit, T. Kannengiesser, H. Pasternak

Influence of Weld Repair by Gouging on the Residual Stresses in High Strength Steels
A. Kromm, R. Schasse, P. Xu, T. Mente, T. Kannengiesser

Residual Stress States After Piezo Peening Treatment at Cryogenic and Elevated Temperatures Predicted by FEM Using Suitable Material Models
A. Klumpp, M. Tamam, F. Lienert, S. Dietrich, J. Gibmeier, V. Schulze

Residual Stress Analysis in Injection Moulded Polycarbonate Samples
A. Magnier, B. Scholtes, T. Niendorf

Local Residual Stress Analysis on Deep Drawn Cups by Means of the Incremental Hole-Drilling Method
S. Schuster, J. Pagenkopf, J. Gibmeier

Bending Fatigue Behavior of Blast Cleaned Grey Cast Iron
M. Ahmad, R.L. Peng, M. König, S. Johansson

Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Behaviour of a Crack in a Residual Stress Field
G. Wua, C. Airdb, D. Smith, M. Pavierc

Multi-axial Analyses of Welding Stresses in High-Strength Steel Welds
D. Schroepfer, K. Flohr, A. Kromm, T. Kannengiesser

Evaluation of Residual Stress by X-Ray Diffraction and Correlative Stress Modelling
S. Kumar, A. Crivoi, M.J. Tan, A. Tai, I. Marinescu

The Relationship between X-Ray Stress Measured Value and Applied Stress in Elastic/Plastic Deformation Region in Tensile Testing
M. Nakashiro, Y. Takaku, Y. Mitani, A. Kohri

Influence of Heat Control on Residual Stresses in Low Transformation Temperature (LTT) Large Scale Welds
J. Dixneit, A. Kromm, M. Boin, T. Kannengiesser, J. Gibmeier

Residual Stress Analysis in Girth-welded Ferritic and Austenitic Steel Pipes Using Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction
N. Hempel, J.R. Bunn, T. Nitschke-Pagel, E.A. Payzant, K. Dilger

Effect of Plasticity on Residual Stresses Obtained by the Incremental Hole-drilling Method with 3D FEM Modelling
E. Van Puymbroeck, W. Nagy, H. De Backer

Ultrasonic Non-destructive Testing and in Situ Regulation of Residual Stress
C. Xu, H. Tian, W. Song, J. Song

Residual Stress and Contact Force Study for Deep Cold Rolling of Aero-engine Material
A. Prithiviraja, W. Weib

Influence of the Pre-Stressing on the Residual Stresses Induced by Deep Rolling
N. Lyubenova, M. Jacquemin, D. Bähre

Measurements of Surface and Near-surface Residual Stress in 4330 Low Alloy Carbon Steel Weld Clad Components
G. Benghalia, S. Rahimi, J. Wood

Accuracy and Stability of 2D-XRD for Residual Stress Measurement
B.B. He

Turning Residual Stresses in Functionally Graded Steel Components
W. Zinn, M. Tiffe, D. Biermann, B. Scholtes

Residual Stress Condition of Tubular Laser Welds of an AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
T. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger

Effects of Hydrostatic 2nd Kind Residual Stresses and of Carbon Partitioning During Martensitic Quenching of Low Alloy Steel
J. Epp

Residual Stress in Stainless Steels after Surface Grinding and its Effect on Chloride Induced SCC
N. Zhou, R.L. Peng, R. Pettersson, M. Schönning

How Precise can be the Residual Stress Determined by X-Ray Diffraction? A summary of the Possibilities and Limits
E. Mueller

Challenges in the Calculation of Residual Stresses in Thick-walled Components
J. Klassen, T. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger

Residual Stress Relaxation in Welded Steel Joints – an Experimentally-based Model
J. Hensel, T. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger

Investigations of the Residual Stresses and Surface Integrity Generated by a Novel Mechanical Surface Strengthening
D.T. Ardi, W. Wei, I. Parr, G. Feldmann, A. Aramcharoen, C.C. Wong

Evaluation of Thickness and Residual Stress of Shallow Surface Regions from Diffraction Profiles
W. Pfeiffera, E. Reisacher

Evaluation of Residual Stress Determinations Conducted with Laser Ablation and Optical Displacement Measurement
P. Weidmann, G. Pedrini, V. Martínez-García3, M. Wenzelburger, A. Killinger, S. Schmauder, R. Gadow, W. Osten

Evaluation of the Three-dimensional Welding Residual Stresses Based on the Eigenstran Methodology via X-Ray Measurements
M. Ogawa, T. Ishii

X-Ray Diffraction Measurements and Investigation of the Stress Relaxation in Autofrettaged AISI 4140 Steel Thick Walled Cylinders
N. Lyubenova, J. Pineault, H. Brünnet, D. Bähre

Contour, iDHD, and ICHD Residual Stress Measurements on a T-Section Plate
X. Ficquet, D. Douglas, K. Serasli, F. Bridier

Characterisation of the Effect of Corrosion on the Residual Stresses in Girth Weld Pipe Using Ultrasonic Calibrated with Strain-relieving Measurement Techniques
R. Romac, D. Cave, X. Ficquet

The Effects of Residual Stress on Elastic-Plastic Fracture: Two Diffraction Studies
H. Coules, G. Horne, M. Peel

Residual Stress Study of Al/Al Laminates Processed by Accumulative Roll Bonding
L. Su, C. Lu, H. Li, V. Luzin, H. Wang, K. Tieu

Residual Stress Analysis on Oxide Layers Obtained by High Temperature Oxidation of Chromia-Forming Alloys

Neutron Optics Upgrades to the Residual Stress Diffractometer, KOWARI
M. Reid, S. Olsen, V. Luzin, M. New, N. Booth, D. Clowes, T. Nguyen, F. Franceschini, A. Ogrin, S. Pangalis, A. Paradowska, N. Larkin, Z. Pan, N. Hoye, H. Suzuki

Extension of the Deep-Hole Drilling Method for the Measurement of in-Plane Residual Stresses in Composite Laminates
C. Garza, R. Das, M.J. Pavier, A. Shterenlikht, D.J. Smith

Residual Stresses in Selective Laser Melted Components of Different Geometries
M. Reid, T. Sercombe, A. Paradowska, X. Li

Residual Stresses Determination with Plasticity Effects by Electron Speckle-Interferometry Hole-Drilling Method

Numerical Modelling and Mitigation Technique of Welding Distortion for Fillet Welding of Aluminum Plate
M. Tsunori, M. Mouri, S. Saso, H. Kusumoto

Residual Stress in Metal-Matrix Composite Cylinder Measured by Neutron Diffraction and Contour Method
V. Luzin, K. Thorogood, J.R. Griffiths, C.J. Davidson, T.R. Finlayson

Simulative Investigations of the Influence of Surface Indentations on Residual Stresses on Inner Raceways for Roller Element Bearings
J. Kehl, R. Drafz, F. Pape, G. Poll

Benchmarking studies of the MPISI Material Science Diffractometer at SAFARI-1
A.M. Venter, D. Marais, V. Luzin

Discussing of Deformation of Additive Manufacturing due to External Bending
Y.J. Lin, J.C. Wang, C.Y. Su, C.H. Yang

Residual Stresses in Dengeling-Treated Aluminum Alloy AA 7050
L. Selegård, R.L. Peng, A. Billenius, G. Petersén, M. ESS, M. Jonsson

In situ X-Ray Diffraction Investigation of Surface Modifications in a Deep Rolling Process under Static Condition
H. Meyer, J. Epp, H.W. Zoch

Analysis of the Residual Stress in ARMOX 500T Armour Steel and Numerical Study of the Resultant Ballistic Performance
M. Saleh, V. Luzin, M.M. Kariem, D. Ruan

Structural Characterization of Ancient Japanese Swords from MAAS Using Neutron Strain Scanning Measurements
F. Salvemini, V. Luzin, F. Grazzi, S. Gatenby, M.J. Kim

A Portable Optical DSPI System for Residual Stresses Measurement by Hole Drilling Using the Integral Method in Terms of Displacement
A.G. Albertazzi, M. Viotti, C. Veiga

Residual Stress Characterization and Control in the Additive Manufacture of Large Scale Metal Structures
J.R. Hönnige, S. Williams, M.J. Roy, P. Colegrove, S. Ganguly

Tensile Residual Stress Mitigation Using Low Temperature Phase Transformation Filler Wire in Welded Armor Plates

In-situ Monitoring of Laser Surface Line Hardening by Means of Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction
D. Kiefer, J. Gibmeier, F. Beckmann, F. Wilde

Consideration of Tool Chamfer for Realistic Application of the Incremental Hole-Drilling Method
N. Simon, J. Gibmeier

Full Stress Tensor Determination during Phase Transformation of a Metal Matrix Composite by in situ High Energy X-Ray Diffraction and Micromechanical Simulations
G. Geandier, L. Vautrot, B. Denand, M. Dehmas, E. Aeby-Gautiera, J. Teixeira, S. Denisa

In-vitro Investigation of Air Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coatings by Diffraction Techniques
T.P. Ntsoane, C. Theron, A. Venter, M. Topic, M. Härting, R. Heimann

Residual Stress Behavior in Hardened Shot Peened 42CrMo4 Specimens during Fatigue Load
D. Cseh, V. Mertinger, J. Lukacs

Stress in Thin Wall Structures Made by Layer Additive Manufacturing
V. Luzin, N. Hoye

Effect of Element on Porosity and Residual Stress Distribution of A7N01S-T5 Aluminum Alloy Welded Joints in High-Speed Trains
Y. Liu, J. Chen, G. Guo, J. An, H. Chen

Evaluation of Residual Stress Effects in Aft Pressure Ring Frame of a Royal Australian Air Force P-3C Maritime Patrol Aircraft
K. Walker, M. Ryan, J. Ayling

A Non-Destructive Investigation of two Cypriot Bronze Age Knife Blades using Neutron Diffraction Residual Stress Analysis
C. Davey, D Saunders, V. Luzin, J. Bevitt, J. Webb, J. Donlon, M. Ionescu

Study of Stress Partitioning in a 0.68 wt%C Pearlitic Steel Using High Energy X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation

Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Loadings on the Residual Stress Field in a Nickel Based Superalloy using X-Ray Laue Microdiffraction
G. Altinkurt, M. Fèvre, G. Geandier, O. Robach, S. Guernaoui, M. Dehmas

Comparison of Submerged Arc Welding Process Modification Influence on Thermal Strain by in-situ Neutron Diffraction
R. Sharma, U. Reisgen, M. Hofmann

Residual Stresses on Electro-Deposited NiCo-Al and NiCo-Zr Composite Coatings
F. Cai, C. Jiang, B. Pan

Neutron Diffraction Measurements of Residual Stress and Mechanical Testing of Pressure Sintered Metal-Ceramic Composite Systems
K. Toppler, V. Luzin, M. Saleh, A. Ruys, K. Kabir, D. Chavara

The Role of Intergranular Stresses in Plastic Deformation Studied Using a Diffraction and Self-Consistent Model
E. Gadalińska, A. Baczmański, M. Wróbel, S. Wroński, M. Wroński, R. Wawszczak, C. Braham, Y. Zhao, L. Le Joncour, T. Buslaps, Ch. Scheffzük

Experimental Investigation of Welding Stresses in MWIC Weldability Test
H. Alipooramirabad, A. Paradowska, R. Ghomashchi, N. Hoye, M. Reid

Investigating the Effects of Mitigation Techniques on Residual Stress and Microstructure of HSLA Welds
H. Alipooramirabad, R. Ghomashchi, A. Paradowska, M. Reid

Residual Stress Measurements in Vintage LPG Pressure Vessel Welds, via Neutron Diffraction
K. Sozen, A. Paradowska, M. Reid, R. Griffins, J. Daniels

Challenges of Measuring Residual Stresses in Large Girth Welded Pipe Spools by Neutron Diffraction
Y. Ren, A. Paradowska, E. Eren, B. Wang

Design and Manufacture of Industrially Representative Weld Mock-ups for the Quantification of Residual Stresses in a Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steel
J.A. Francis, M.C. Smith, B. Jeyaganesh, A.N. Vasileiou, D.W. Rathod, M.J. Roy, N.M. Irvine

Effects of Numerical Methods on Residual Stress Evaluation by the Incremental Hole-Drilling Technique Using the Integral Method
B. Gore, J.P. Nobre

Residual Stress Redistribution due to Removal of Material Layers by Electrolytic Polishing
I. Surtee, J.P. Nobre

Research on Corrosion Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of Welded Joints of A7N01P-T4 Aluminum Alloys
J. Chen, J. Xu, M. Zhao, G. Gou

Residual Stress and Critical Crack Size before and after Post-Weld Heat-Treatment
M. Law, A. Paradowska, N. Hoye, P. Grace

Dislocation Density of GlidCop with Compressive Strain applied at High Temperature
M. Sano, S. Takahashi, A. Watanabe, A. Shiro, T. Shobu

About the Editors

ACHOUR Mohammed Essaid received the “Thèse de 3ème cycle” from The Bordeaux University (France) and “Thèse d’état” from the Moulay Ismail University of Meknes (Morocco) degrees in field of Physics in 1983 and 1991 respectively. From 1983 to 1992 he was an “Maitre assistant”, at Sciences Faculty of Meknes (Morocco), “Maitre de Conférence” (1992-1996) and Professor. He joined the Sciences Faculty at Kenitra in 1999. From 1997 to 2011, he was also teacher with Royal Military Academy at Meknes. He is Expert evaluator, member of the scientific committee of the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST), The Moroccan Center for Innovation (CIM) and he is Chair and foundater member of Moroccan Association of the Advanced Materials (A2MA). He is honoured as guest professor at Brest University in France and visiting scientist/researcher at different universities and research Centers in France, Canada, Portugal, Hungary, Italy and Tunisia. His research interests include electromagnetic and electrical properties, microwave characterization and dielectric responses of the composite materials : carbon dots, graphene, carbon nanotubes, carbon black, and natural fibers in the natural or synthetic polymers. Experience, modelling and numerical simulations. Pr. ACHOUR M.E. has co-authored peer-review more than 65 scientific papers published in leading refereed journals, about 100 congress communications, 2 Book Chapters and 6 Guest editorials. He participated in 12 cooperation projects. He was the chairs of the First International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications “ISyDMA’2016” (Kenitra-Rabat, Morocco May 4-6, 2016), the Fourth Meeting On Dielectric Materials “IMDM’4” (Marrakech, Morocco May 29-31, 2013) and the Co-Chair of the International Symposium on the Advanced Materials for Optics Micro-Electronics and Nanoelectronics “AMOMEN’2011 (Kenitra, Morocco, October 27-29 2011).

TOUAHNI Raja received the Doctorat 3ème cycle in Microelectronics from the University Paul Sabatier , Toulouse, France, in September 1986. From 1987 to 2001, she was a Professor assistant at Sciences Faculty of Kénitra. In 2001, she received the “Thèse d’état” from the Ibn Tofail University of Kénitra (Morocco) degrees in field of Data Analysis and she is currently Professor in this University.
Her current interests include Image Processing, Data Analysis, Antenna and Metamaterials. Professeur Touahni R. is the head of the research team in “Traitement de l’Information et Ingénierie de la Décision” and she has supervised PhD students who are currently pursuing research in academics institutions. She has co- authored peer-reviewed more than 40 scientifics papers publishing in refereed journals, 1Book Chapter and has been contributing to several projects in her field (ERASMUS, Volubilis, …). Pr. Touahni R. was the co-chairs of the “First International Symposium on Dielectrics Materials and Applications May 2016” and “5th Doctoral Days for IT (JDTIC’2013)” and also founding member of the “ Moroccan Association of the Advanced Materials (A2MA)” and “Moroccan Classification Society (SMC)”.

MESSOUSSI Rochdi, received the Ph.D degree in solid state physics from the University of Nantes, France, in 1990. From 1993 to 1995 and from 1996 to 1997 he carried out a research stay in the field of semiconductors technology at the Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. In 2001 he received the master degree in the use of IT for learning from the University of Strasbourg, France. He is currently professor at Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra, Morocco. For the last 15 years, he has been carrying out research, about Human Computer Interaction to promote learning and education. Pr. MESSOUSSI R. was the co-Chair of the 9 African Conference on Research in Computer Science (CARI’08) held at Kénitra – Rabat (October 2008) and co-chair of the 1th International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications (Mai 20016). He also chaired the 5 Doctoral Days for IT (JDTIC-Kénitra 2013). He was Member of the Permanent Committee (20018-2012) of the African Symposium on Research in Computer Sciences (CARI and also founding member of the Moroccan Association of the Advanced Materials (A2MA). Pr. MESSOUSSI R. was the head of the physics Department from 2012 to 2014 and is currently Director of the IT Resources Center at Ibn Tofail University.

ELAATMANI Mohamed received the ” These d’état ” from The Bordeaux I University (France) of Solid State Chemistry and Materials Sciences in 1981. From 1981 to 1985 , he was an “Maitre de Conférences ”, and Professor since 1985 at Semlalia Sciences Faculty of Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech (Morocco) . He joined the Semlalia Sciences Faculty in 1981 . Pr. ELAATMANI has co-authored of Patent. Ferroelectric oxyfluorinated materials and process for their production. Invention of Dossier No. 44411. Application No. 7911936, filed on May 10, 1979 in the name of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research (ANVAR) . He was editing a scientific work “ Problems of solved exams with reminders of courses of general chemistry “ February 1995, Africa, print edition 159 bis, Boulv. Yacoub Elmansour Casablanca (Morocco) . Since 1983 , He is foundater member of Moroccan Meeting on Solid State Chemistry (REMCES) . Member of the Organizing Committee of 24 th European Crystallographic Meeting (EMC 24) , Marrakech-Morocco 22-27 August 2007, of IMDM’4 Fourth International Meeting On Dielectric Materials Marrakech, Morocco, 29-31 May 2013 and several times as Professor invited to the University of South Toulon –Var, France. He participated in several cooperation projects, being coordinator of 15. Pr. ELAATMANI has co-authored peer-review more than 90 scientific papers published in leading refereed journals and about 150 congress communications. Pr. ELAATMANI is also referring to several articles in international newspapers , expertise of 12 PARS, projects member of the committee of reading, editing of the articles of the several Moroccan meetings on the REMCES, the supervision of several theses and several administrative responsibilities.

AIT ALI Mustapha received the Doctorate “3ieme cycle” and the Doctorate “d’Etat” degrees from Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech-Morocco in the field of chemistry (Organometallic and catalysis) in 1990 and 2001 respectively. From 1995 to 2001 he was a Professor Assistant, 2001 to 2005 as Professor and since 2005 as Professor titular of Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry and catalyze in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech-Morocco. He is honoured as guest professor at Villeneuve d’Ascq University, France, ENS Chimie de Rennes France and University of Cergy Pontoise France. His research interests include Coordination Chemistry, asymmetric Catalysis, Green chemistry and nanoparticles and the chemistry of nanostructured materials: graphene; silicene and phosphorene. Pr. AIT ALI M. has co-authored peer-review more than 60 scientific papers published in leading refereed journals, about 70 congress communications and about 10 Thesis supervised. He participated in 10 international cooperation projects. He participated as active member in the organization of several international conferences: « Transmediterranean Meeting on Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis » Morocco ( RENACOM 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009); « International Conference on Nano-Materials and Renewable Energies, Safi, Morocco, 2010»; « Second Ecole Franco-Maghrebian of Nanosciences, Marrakech, Morocco, 2010»; « International Conference on Nano-Materials and Renewable Energies, Marrakech, Morocco, 2011»; the Fourth Meeting On Dielectric Materials “IMDM’4” (Marrakech, Morocco May 29-31, 2013); (Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Materials and Renewable Energies EMCMRE-3 Marrakech-Morocco 2015) and the First International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications “ISyDMA’2016” (Kenitra-Rabat, Morocco May 4-6, 2016).