Hexaferrite Permanent Magnetic Materialsls
by Sami H. Mahmood, Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh
Materials Research Foundations
Volume 4 (2016)
Publication Date October 10th, 2016
Print ISBN 978-1-945291-06-7
ePDF ISBN 978-1-945291-07-4
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21741/9781945291074

This concise book presents the basic concepts of magnetism and magnetic properties pertinent to permanent magnetic materials. Emphasis is placed on hexaferrite materials for permanent magnet applications, with M-type ferrites as the focal point.
The relatively high metallicity of magnetic materials for practical applications imposes limitations for their efficient use. Accordingly, magnetic oxides with ferromagnetic properties emerged as the most widely used magnetic materials for practical applications, owing to their characteristic high resistivity and low eddy current losses, chemical stability, simplicity of production in mass quantities, and other favorable characteristics. An important class of these oxides is the class of hexagonal ferrites developed in the early 1950’s, which dominated the world market of permanent magnet applications since the end of the 1980’s. Among these ferrites, the magnetoplumbite (M-type) hexaferrite, is produced nowadays in large quantities at very competitive low prices, thus providing the permanent magnet market with probably the most cost-effective magnetic material.

Hexaferrite Permanent Magnetic Materials| Permanent Magnets| Ferrite Magnets| Sm-Co Magnets| Nd-Fe-B Magnets| Coercivity| Magnetic Dipole Moments| Magnetic Materials| Free Energies of a Ferromagnet| Domains| Hysteresis| M-Type Hexaferrite| Structural Properties| Magnetic Properties| Synthesis| Motor| Transducer| Microwave Absorption| Passive Microwave Devices| Hysteresis| Remanence| Coercivity| Thermal Stability| Recording processes

Chapter 1 Basics of Magnetism 1
Chapter 2 High Performance Permanent Magnets 47
Chapter 3 Properties and Synthesis of Hexaferrites 74
Chapter 4 Ferrites with High Magnetic Parameters 111
Chapter 5 Permanent Magnet Applications 153
Chapter 6 Magnetic Recording 166
Keywords 183
About the author 187

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