Rope-driven biaxial tensile testing apparatus with specified load ratio

Rope-driven biaxial tensile testing apparatus with specified load ratio


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Abstract. A novel biaxial tensile apparatus that can be installed on a universal testing machine is proposed. A tensile load was applied using a looped rope and pulley. The biaxial load can be changed by varying the angle of the rope hanging on the movable pulleys, and the ratio of the biaxial tensile force can be specified. A small cruciform specimen with a stress evaluation area of 12.5 mm square was used for preliminary tests. Biaxial tensile tests were conducted on mild steel sheets to measure the stress points on the contours of equal plastic work. A comparison with the yield surface measured using a standard biaxial tensile testing machine revealed that biaxial tensile tests using the proposed method can be performed appropriately.

Biaxial Tensile Test, Cruciform Specimen, Sheet Metal, Anisotropy, Pulley, Rope

Published online 4/24/2024, 6 pages
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Citation: TAKIZAWA Hideo, FUJIYA Kazuto, Rope-driven biaxial tensile testing apparatus with specified load ratio, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 41, pp 1068-1073, 2024


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