Materials used in Thermoelectric Polymers


Materials used in Thermoelectric Polymers

Muhammad Khalil, Sana Kainat, Maria Wasim, Aneela Sabir, Muhammad Shafiq

Nowadays, Polymer based thermoelectric (TE) materials are gaining more and more attention from researchers because of their easy processability, low thermal conductivity, and low cost. These polymers contain conjugation in their structure which helps to conduct electricity through them. Common thermoelectric materials contain conducting polymers and inorganic dopants. The resulting thermoelectric material may be of n-type or p-type. Their properties depend upon the morphology of matrix material, the concentration of charge carriers, and dopants… In this chapter, different types of conducting polymers (CE) and their derivatives, synthesis, properties, and factors affecting the properties of CE will be discussed.

Thermoelectric Polymers, Conducting Polymers

Published online 2/10/2024, 12 pages

Citation: Muhammad Khalil, Sana Kainat, Maria Wasim, Aneela Sabir, Muhammad Shafiq, Materials used in Thermoelectric Polymers, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 162, pp 69-80, 2024


Part of the book on Thermoelectric Polymers

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