Maturity-based taxonomy of extended reality technologies in aircraft lifecycle

Maturity-based taxonomy of extended reality technologies in aircraft lifecycle

Sara Bagassi, Marzia Corsi, Francesca De Crescenzio, Martino Carlo Moruzzi, Sandhya Santhosh

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Abstract. EXtended Reality (XR) is a fast growing and rapidly evolving technology. In the aeronautical sector, XR can be exploited for the entire aircraft lifecycle, however, different levels of maturity can be identified for applications in each one of the lifecycle’s phases. This paper, by outlining the TRL of current XR applications over the aircraft lifecycle, aims to be a foundation to identify the possible future improvements and applications of immersive technologies in the aeronautical sector.

Aircraft Lifecycle, Extended Reality, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Operations

Published online 11/1/2023, 6 pages
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Citation: Sara Bagassi, Marzia Corsi, Francesca De Crescenzio, Martino Carlo Moruzzi, Sandhya Santhosh, Maturity-based taxonomy of extended reality technologies in aircraft lifecycle, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 37, pp 771-776, 2023


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