Could a remotely operated UAV fleet improve emergency response?

Could a remotely operated UAV fleet improve emergency response?

A. Avi, G. Quaranta

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Abstract. Unmanned aerial vehicles could reduce risks in emergency response missions. The UAV firefighter team of Provincia autonoma di Trento proposes a new concept of operations. A fleet of drones placed in strategically selected locations and operated from the main headquarters in Trento. The first UAV, with a docking station, was placed on Marmolada glacier for trial.

UAV, UAS, Docking Station, Emergency, Firefighter, SA, Civil Protection

Published online 9/1/2023, 6 pages
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Citation: A. Avi, G. Quaranta, Could a remotely operated UAV fleet improve emergency response?, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 33, pp 323-328, 2023


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