Superplastic forming process research of front aluminum alloy opening and closing mechanism hatch for multiple units

Superplastic forming process research of front aluminum alloy opening and closing mechanism hatch for multiple units

Ranran Chen, Guangzhong He, Kefei Wang, Guofeng Wang

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Abstract. In this paper, the forming process research of the front opening and closing mechanism hatch for multiple units was carried out, and the industrial grade 5083 aluminum alloy was selected as the original material. The uniform rapid superplastic forming process combined with hot stamping and direct-reverse superplastic forming was used to form the hatch body skin, the cold stamping and argon arc welding process were used to produce the connection support, and the hatch integral part was obtained by argon arc welding finally, which solved the problem of poor environmental protection and high ratio of traditional FRP hatch and high precision forming of the large complex thin-walled structural part that cannot be achieved by the traditional forming process. After process research and development, finite element analysis, and forming tests, the aluminum alloy hatch with good forming quality was successfully manufactured. The ultimate thinning rate of the part was 23.8%, the overall wall thickness was evenly distributed, the deviation of shape was controlled within 1 mm, and the mechanical properties met the relevant technical requirements.

Opening and Closing Mechanism Hatch, 5083 Aluminum Alloy, Superplastic Forming, Technological Test

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Citation: Ranran Chen, Guangzhong He, Kefei Wang, Guofeng Wang, Superplastic forming process research of front aluminum alloy opening and closing mechanism hatch for multiple units, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 32, pp 157-166, 2023


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