Advanced Topics in Mechanics of Materials, Structures and Construction
Eds. Erasmo Carrera, Faramarz Djavanroodi, Muhammad Asad
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 31
Publication Date 2023, 834 Pages
print ISBN 9781644902585 (release date September 2023)
ePDF ISBN 9781644902592
DOI: 10.21741/9781644902585

The book presents 81 papers referring to the properties and applications of technologically important materials. Topics covered include material characterization, environmental impact, probabilistic assessment, failure analysis, vibration analysis, AI-based predictions, conceptual models, thermo-mechanical properties, numerical models, design and simulation, industrial performance and failure analysis.

Table of Contents

Response of GFRP bars at different temperatures
Farid Abed, Zeinah Elnassar, Wael Abuzaid, Yazan Alhoubi

Characteristics of electrorheological fluids under single and mixed modes
Ali K. El Wahed

Experimental characterization and environmental impact of different grades of CRM-modified asphalt binders
Mohammad Ali Khasawneh, Samar D. Dernayka, Saidur R. Chowdhury

Progressive failure analysis of postbuckled plates via mixed formulation
Riccardo Vescovini, Mohammad Reza Najafian Zadeh Najafabadi

High dimensional model representation for the probabilistic assessment of seismic pounding
R. Sinha, B.N. Rao

Static and free vibration analysis of laminated sandwich shell with double curvature considering the effect of transverse normal strain
Ajim S. Shaikh, Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad

New approach for modeling randomly distributed CNT reinforced polymer nanocomposite with van der Waals interactions
Umut Caliskan, Hilal Gulsen, Mustafa Kemal Apalak

Effect of shearing conditions and initial aggregates’ state on the mechanical behavior of cellular glass foam
Layal Jradi, Bassel Seif El Dine, Tahar Ayadat, Saidur Schowdhury, Andi Asiz

Static response of functionally graded porous spherical shells using trigonometric shear deformation theory
Rupali B. Tamnar, Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad

Assessment of recent methods for determination of soil final settlement using field data
Mohamed Aymen Dali, Ahcène Benamghar

The flexoelectric effect for interface cracks between two dissimilar materials
Tomas Profant, Jan Sladek, Vladimir Sladek

Comprehensive review of soil stabilization agents
Batool Al-Shorman, Mousa Bani Baker, Tahar Ayadat

Static response of FGM shell using refined higher-order shear and normal deformation theory
Sumit S. Kolapkar, Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad

Constitutive modeling of dynamic strain aging in niobium
Modified VA Model, Dynamic Strain Aging, Thermal Activation Energy, Niobium

Best theory diagram using genetic algorithms for composite plates
M.A. Hinostroza, J.L. Mantari

AI-based prediction of strength and tensile properties of expansive soil stabilized with recycled ash and natural fibers
Abolfazl Baghbani, Firas Daghistani, Katayoon Kiany, Mohamad Mahdi Shalchiyan

Performance of self-compacting concrete based on fine recycled concrete aggregate incorporating polyethylene terephtalate fibers
Bayah Meriem, Debieb Farid

Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles for encapsulation and delivery vehicles
Megdi Eltayeb

Isogeometric topology optimization of auxetic materials based on moving morphable components method
Xiaoya Zhai, Yundong Gai, Liuchao Jin, Wei-Hsin Liao, Falai Chen, Ping Hu

Biomechanical model for musculoskeletal simulation
Megdi Eltayeb

Recycled smelter slag as an engineering material – opportunity and sustainability
Saidur R. Chowdhury

Structure, electronic properties of AlAs using first-principles calculations
Sansabilla Bouchareb, Rachid Tigrine

A comparative study on the use of laser beam and abrasive water jet in hole making process of woven laminated GFRP
Hussein Mohammad Ali

Influence of canard geometrical configuration on the radar cross section
Gauri Patki, Attada Phanendra Kumar, Dineshkumar Harursampath

Investigating the fluid-structure interaction of L-shaped pipe bends using machine learning
Pratik Punj, Md Adil

Fatigue life evaluation of asphalt mixtures containing natural river sands and designed by bailey method
Mohammad Ahmad Alsheyab, Mohammad Ali Khasawneh

Stone dust as replacement for fine aggregate in cellular lightweight concrete (CLC): Volume weight and compressive strength
Parea R. Rangan1, M. Tumpu, Y. Sunarno, Mansyur

Contemporary conceptual models for predicting carrying capacity of multi helices screw piles
Tahar Ayadat, Hocine Lefkir, Zahar Said Haddad, Danish Ahmed, Andi Asiz

Size-effects due to Burgers tensor in classical deformation of isotropic thermoplastic materials
A.S. Borokinni, A.P. Akinola, O.P. Layeni, O.O. Fadodun, B.A. Olokuntoye

Aeroponic tower garden solar powered vertical farm
Omar Yahya, Gharam Yahya, Ahmad Al-Omair, Emad Yahya, Esam Jassim, Faramarz Djavanroodi

Using powder metal gears in industrial applications- A review
Omar D. Mohammed, QatrAlnada Mahmood

Preliminary investigation and SWOT analysis of sustainable mortar utilizing Arabic Gum
Muhammad Nasir, Walid A. Al-Kutti, A.B.M. Saiful Islam, Khalid Saqer Alotaibi, Ammar Al Eid, Yousef Khalid Algatam, Ali Alqahtani

A numerical study on the effect of basement excavation and fibre reinforced concrete as tunnel lining material
Farzana Iqbal, Malavika Varma

Estimation of failure load of adhesively bonded composite joints with embedded crack in adherends: bond EM
James Polagangu, Byji Varughese

Finite electroelastic deformation of dielectric semilinear hyperelastic tubes
Odunayo O. Fadodun, Bolanle A. Olokuntoye, Patrick O. Layeni and Adegbola P. Akinola

Design of a solar PV power plant at KFU premises
Mahdi Alnasser, ‎Hassan Alghazal, ‎Amjad, Almeihan, Mounir Bouzguenda, Mohammed Abdulaziz Alaqil

Experimental investigations on the thermo-mechanical properties of carbon-basalt-aramid/epoxy and glass-basalt-aramid/epoxy hybrid interply composites under different aging environments
Zekiye Erdoğan, Munise Didem Demirbaş

Critical review on ethanol producing feedstock and methods
Jaanvi Garg, Akshay Jain, Avadhoot Abaso Mohite, Bhaskor Jyoti Bora, Prabhakar Sharma, Bhaskar Jyoti Medhi, Debrata Barik

Investigation of blast resistance of cladding with square dome-shaped Kirigami folded structures as core
Vishal M Birari, B N Rao

Von mises stress distribution along the cruciform specimen under biaxial loading: geometric variation effect
Abdul Mateen Mohammed, Jaya KandaSamy, Bhavani Venkata Yashwanth Dasari, Lingala Syam Sundar

Effect of steel fibres on the mechanical strengths of fly ash/GGBS based geopolymer concrete under ambient curing condition
Musa Adamu, Tejas D Doshi, Veerendrakumar C. Khed, Yasser E. Ibrahim

Design of an automated cleaning ‎system for solar panels
Mounir Bouzguenda, Bader Bashmail, Mohammed Ben Youssef Al-Khaldi, Nasser Al-Jafar, Saad Al-Jasim, Mohammed A. Al Aqil

Strength properties of self-compacting concrete incorporating iron ore tailings
AJAGBE Wasiu Olabamiji, OKPANACHI Robert Ojonugwa, GANIYU Abideen Adekunle, ABDULKAREEM Muyideen Oladimeji

Tensor as a tool in engineering analysis
A.P. Akinola, A.S. Borokinni, O.O. Fadodun

Bayesian regularization optimization algorithm for the experimental thermophysical property for 80:20% water and ethylene glycol based ZrO2 nanofluids
M. Manzoor Hussain, L. Syam Sundar, Feroz Shaik

Modelling the effect of tool material on material removal rate in electric discharge machining
Umair Arif, Imtiaz Ali Khan, Faisal Hasan

Energy harvesting and energy conversion in an electromechanical coupling acoustic black hole beam
ZHANG Linli, SHENG Xiaozhen, LI Meng

Bi-axial behavior of glass/epoxy pipe subjected to internal pressure
Abdul Mateen Mohammed, Tajuddin Mohammed, Ravi Shankar D.V., Manzoor Hussain M., Puneetha

Manufacturing strategy for additive manufacturing of a piping component for oil and gas application
Meshal Alsaiari, Mushtaq Khan, Faramarz Djavanroodi

A homogenized finite element analysis of the deformation of axially-loaded thin-walled epoxy/coir fibre-reinforced aluminum 6063 composite tubes
B.O. Malomo

Stabilization of a swelling soil using three different chemical additives
Tahar Ayadat, Ammar Noui, Layal Jradi, Danish Ahmed, Muhammad Ajmal, Andi Asiz

One dimensional oedometer laboratory testing for expansive clay submerged with hydrocarbon fluids
Mousa Bani Baker, Adel Hanna, Maria Elektorowicz, Tahar Ayadat, Batool Al-Shorman, Raed Abendeh

Design and simulation of a large-scale telescopic paraboloidal solar concentrator: Dual receiver
Barena Bekalo Betela, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Lingala Syam Sundar

The Innovation in wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM): A review
Saleh Fahad Alaboudi, Muhammad Azhar Ali Khan, Muhammad Asad, Mushtaq Khan, Faramarz Djavanroodi

Technical and economic feasibility of solar PV systems supported by energy storage in hospitals in KSA
Mounir Bouzguenda, Abdulaziz Almulhim, Abdulrahman Shawki, Ahmed Al-Baa’dani, Ibrahim Ahmed, Mohammed Alkulaib, Mohammed Al-Aqil

Design of brake pads from economical materials
NOUARI Abdessamed, TAFRAOUI Ahmed, TAFRAOUI Salima, MALLEM Mohamed

Recycling of machining waste fibers in the formulation of new concrete

Numerical simulation of high-pressure gas-jet impingement on the adjacent equipment
Esam I. Jassim, Muhammad Asad, Bashar Jasem

Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) and initial rate of water absorption (IRA) of foam concrete containing blended cement
Y. Sunarno, M.W. Tjaronge, R. Irmawaty, A.B. Muhiddin, M.A. Caronge, M. Tumpu

Comparison study of performance and heat leak factor of three types of heat exchangers operated with nanofluid
Esam I. Jassim, Bashar I. Jasem

Dynamic deformation analysis of a spherical cavity explosion
Olawanle Patrick LAYENI, Adegbola Peter AKINOLA

Linear response of thin axysimmetric cross-ply structure under a static load: Numerical and analythical comparisons
Salvatore Saputo, Erasmo Carrera, Volodymyr V. Zozulya

Interaction of a rectangular jet with a slotted plate in presence of a control mechanism: Experimental study of the aeroacoustic field
Marwan Alkheir, Hassan Assoum, Nour Eldin Afyouni, Bilal El Zohbi, Kamel Abed Meraim, Anas Sakout, Mouhammad El Hassan

Investigation of the influence of external edge restraint on reinforced concrete walls
Muhammad Kashif Shehzad, John P. Forth, Nikolaos Nikitas, Imogen Ridley, Robert Vollum, Abo Bakr Elwakeel, Karim El Khoury, Bassam Izzuddin

Passive vibration damping of a plate interacting with a flowing fluid using shunted piezoelectric element
Sergey Lekomtsev, Valerii Matveenko, Alexander Senin

Predicting the strength of recycled glass powder-based geopolymers for improving mechanical behavior of clay soils using artificial intelligence
Abolfazl Baghbani, Firas Daghistani, Hasan Baghbani, Katayoon Kiany

Utilizing machine learning techniques for predictive modelling of absorptivity in l-shaped metamaterials
Md Adil, Pratik Punj

Modeling and simulation of modular agricultural robot flexible production systems
Mohammed Aldossary, Yousuf Alsuliman, Abdul Aziz Afzal, Stephen Limbos, Megdi Eltayeb

Numerical study on the effect of real gas model on the flow structure and shock location of Laval nozzle
Bashar I. Jasem, Esam I. Jassim

Investigating the influence of alternative fuels on the properties of sand-bentonite liners
Mousa Bani Baker, Adel Hanna, Maria Elektorowicz, Tahar Ayadat, Batool Al-Shorman

On the deformation of layered composite arches using exponential shear and normal deformation theory
Valmik M. Mahajan, Amit Sharma

Mechanics and failure analysis of stitched sandwich structures damaged by the impact of various energies
Amina Assouli, Bounoua Tab, Fodil Hammadi, Izzeddine Bekkar

Magnetoelastic deformation of conductive semilinear hyperelastic solids
Odunayo Olawuyi Fadodun

Tensile behavior of functionally graded sandwich PLA-ABS produced via fused filament fabrication process
Umut Caliskan, Caglar Sevim, Munise Didem Demirbas

Artificial intelligence-based prediction of geotechnical impacts of polyethylene bottles and polypropylene on clayey soil
Abolfazl Baghbani, Firas Daghistani, Hasan Baghbani, Katayoon Kiany, Jafar Bolouri Bazaz

Static analysis of cross-ply laminated spherical shells using a new hyperbolic shear deformation theory
Anuja S. Jape, Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad

A comprehensive analysis of the erosion in a carbon steel boiler tube elbow through the use of 3D mapping of the corroded surface and CFD modelling
Nikolay Bukharin, M.A. Farrokhzad, Mouhammad El Hassan

Structural and environmental safety study of the holy mosque area using CFD
Mohamed Farouk

Physical-chemical characterization and exploitation of an ultra fine local in mortars
ZAOUI Miloud, TAFRAOUI Ahmed, BEKKAR Izzeddine

The state of 3D printing technologies: A review
Omar Yahya, Gharam Yahya, Faramarz Djavanroodi, Mushtaq Khan

Analyzing the electromagnetic forming process of SS304 sheet using AA6061-T6 driver through a fully coupled numerical model and experimentally validation
Zarak Khan, Mushtaq Khan, Faramarz Djavanroodi, A Samad Danish