ZnO: A Potential Candidate as a Host Material for Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors


ZnO: A Potential Candidate as a Host Material for Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Pooja Dhiman, Amit Kumar, Gaurav Sharma, Garima Rana, Pawan Kumar

Researchers have investigated GaN and ZnO-based diluted magnetic semiconductors since the discovery of the first DMS in 2000. The investigation is progressing with both theoretical and empirical discoveries. For a material to function as DMS in actual applications, researchers are intensively engaged in attaining two key conditions. One is ferromagnetism at ambient temperature, whereas the other has a higher Curie temperature. This chapter discusses the advancements in the realm of diluted magnetic semiconductors based on ZnO. The issues, difficulties, and competing causes of magnetism continue to be the focus of this chapter. Diverse doping techniques, such as transition metals, rare earth metals, and co-doped systems, have been investigated. In this chapter, we focused mostly on recent breakthroughs in experimental and theoretical ZnO nanostructures DMS investigations.

ZnO, Spintronics, Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Published online , 19 pages

Citation: Pooja Dhiman, Amit Kumar, Gaurav Sharma, Garima Rana, Pawan Kumar, ZnO: A Potential Candidate as a Host Material for Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 146, pp 67-85, 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902394-3

Part of the book on ZnO and Their Hybrid Nano-Structures

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