Applications of Hard Ferrites in Memory Devices


Applications of Hard Ferrites in Memory Devices

Ritesh Verma, Ankush Chauhan, Rajesh Kumar

Ferrites are the important material for memory devices. In this we discuss the ferrites in detail with their classification, preparation method to their applications. We also present a brief introduction about hard ferrites and their application in memory devices. Ferrites are the materials that offer distinct electrical and magnetic features that are helpful for various applications. It is noted that spin transmission torques may change magnetization through the current travelling through a magnetic tunnel interface, an effect followed by the spin transfer torque magnet random access memory as the switching mechanism. Also, it is observed that the transistor-type memory devices that employ nanostructured materials as loading sites for the trap are nano-floatting Gate (NFGM). Thus, this chapter presents a way forward for the memory devices.

Ferrites, EMI Shielding, Spin Transmission, Magnetization, Nano-Floating Gate

Published online 2/1/2023, 22 pages

Citation: Ritesh Verma, Ankush Chauhan, Rajesh Kumar, Applications of Hard Ferrites in Memory Devices, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 142, pp 185-206, 2023


Part of the book on An Introduction to Hard Ferrites

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