Hybrid Nanomaterials: Historical Developments, Classification and Biomedical Applications


Hybrid Nanomaterials: Historical Developments, Classification and Biomedical Applications

Jarin Ibedita Edi, Abdul Muhaymin, Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan

Hybrid nanomaterials (HNs) have exceptional physical and chemical properties and combine superior qualities of both inorganic and organic materials to exploit them to desirable chemistry through imposing multifunctionality in a single material. Strategies of synthesis of HNs involve the fabrication of components, either organic or inorganic, through the insertion of molecules or nano-objects or polymerization of precursors. The interconnected porous network of HNs also enables a range of applications. In this chapter, we have discussed historical development, strategies of synthesis, and, classification of HNs with emphasis on advancement for biomedical applications.

Hybrid Nanomaterials, Classification, Historical Development, Strategies for Synthesis, Biomedical Applications

Published online 11/15/2022, 26 pages

Citation: Jarin Ibedita Edi, Abdul Muhaymin, Md. Abu Bin Hasan Susan, Hybrid Nanomaterials: Historical Developments, Classification and Biomedical Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 135, pp 152-177, 2023

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902172-7

Part of the book on Emerging Nanomaterials and Their Impact on Society in the 21st Century

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