Piezoelectric Thin Films and their Applications


Piezoelectric Thin Films and their Applications

M. Rizwan, A. Ayub, I. Ilyas, F. Seeart, T. Noor

Lead free piezoelectric thin films are very pivotal in technological applications. There has been a tremendous amount of research in the lead free piezoelectric thin films. KNN and ZnO piezoelectric thin films are very crucial in the miniaturization of piezoelectric devices. Characterization methods for piezoelectric thin films such as resonant spectrum method and pneumatic loading method are briefly deliberated here. Piezoelectric thin films provide several advantages in various applications such as highly sensitive sensors, large displacements and low voltage actuators. All applications of piezoelectric materials exhibit a high piezoelectric coefficient, insight into future outlook and integration for real-world applications is deliberated here.

Thin Films, ZnO, Actuators, Sensors, Piezoelectric Properties, BAW Sensors

Published online 2022/09/01, 36 pages

Citation: M. Rizwan, A. Ayub, I. Ilyas, F. Seeart, T. Noor, Piezoelectric Thin Films and their Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 131, pp 186-221, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902097-7

Part of the book on Advanced Functional Piezoelectric Materials and Applications

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