Selection of Process Parameters for Laser Texturing of DLC Coatings

Selection of Process Parameters for Laser Texturing of DLC Coatings

KALINOWSKI Artur, RADEK Norbert, SĘK Piotr, PIETRASZEK Jacek and ORMAN Łukasz

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Abstract. This paper presents the results of the selection of parameters for the DLC coatings laser texturing process using a picosecond laser with a wavelength of 343 nm. It also shows the level of precision with which it is possible to generate a texture with this technology and examples of possible shapes created using TruTOPS PFO software with their selection for the best texture quality.

Diamond-Like Carbon, Coatings, Laser Texturing

Published online 7/20/2022, 6 pages
Copyright © 2022 by the author(s)
Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: KALINOWSKI Artur, RADEK Norbert, SĘK Piotr, PIETRASZEK Jacek and ORMAN Łukasz, Selection of Process Parameters for Laser Texturing of DLC Coatings, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 24, pp 46-51, 2022


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