Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete using Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate

Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete using Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate

R. Ashwathi, G.T. Amudhan Vetrivel, M. Abishek

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Abstract. The economic and ecological performance of normal concrete can be increased by modulating fine aggregate content with a series of combinations of steel slag which possess different physical and chemical behaviour based on its cooling method, heating processes. Many research shows that magnetic separating of steel slag increases its efficiency towards integrating with clinker by 50% compared to integrating of clinker with non-magnetically separated steel slag. It has proved to be an impressive replacement material in concrete surfaces where high skid resistance is essential. Steel slag produced in various types of furnaces have different characteristic nature, blast furnace slag (BFS) has hydraulic and cement properties when used in water-bound macadam roads and also in flexible and rigid pavements. Issue in steel slag is energy consumed in its production and transportation where it is utilized, if energy consumed in slag grinding/magnetic separation is high when compared to cement calcining and grinding, then it would not be economical in replacement criteria. This study exhibit mechanical properties of concrete with partial replacement of fine aggregate with steel slag in distinct proportions. The optimum amount of replacement in fine aggregate is found to be 20% giving a strength increment of 8% in the compressive strength category. In split tensile and flexural strength criteria strength increment of 7.5% and 40.625% is observed. There are many practical implications of steel slag in the construction industry, road constructions, and clinker substitutes as granulated BF slag, water treatment plants, evidently many researches have proved slag as productive coarse aggregates replacement.

Fine Aggregate Replacement, Mechanical Strength Properties, Steel Slag, Eco-Safety, Concrete Conglomerates

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Citation: R. Ashwathi, G.T. Amudhan Vetrivel, M. Abishek, Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete using Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 23, pp 401-418, 2022


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